Alternative products to Zendesk Sell

5 alternative and related products to Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell
Enhance productivity, processes, & sales visibility pipeline

Zendesk Sell is sales force automation software to enhance productivity, processes, & pipeline visibility for sales teams. That means less time updating tasks, more time building relationships & selling. Sell has the data required to drive your sales team to consistently hit your targets with drag-and-drop dashboards and 30+ out-of-the-box reports.

5 Alternatives to Zendesk Sell

The all-in-one workspace - notes, tasks, wikis, & databases

Notion is the all-in-one workspace. From notes, tasks, wikis, to database, Notion is all you need. Works great for teams and individuals. Available in the browser, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

Manja Munda
Manja Munda
I love how easy it is to organize notes! I am a huge fan of writing everything down. However, I was never good with organizing notes. Before Notion, I was used to storing everything in one folder without any system. Notion's clean and easy-to-use interface does most of the organizing work for you, making it easy to pull out notes whenever you need them.
Joël Kai Lenz
Joël Kai Lenz- 🤓Content Nerd 🤓 | 📲Product Aficionado 📲
This is hands down the best productivity app I use to date. It doesn't matter if I use it on my own or with a handful of co-workers. I feel you can do whatever you want it to do. The power of simple databases is just mindblowing and super cool to share. Give it a try and see what you can build with Notion!
Jorge Dieguez
Jorge Dieguez- Product Design Lead at Seger Studio
Definitely, Notion is one of the most flexible tools out there. We use it for kanban, calendars, spreadsheets, notes, wikis, minutes, organizing projects, collaborate, etc. One of the things I love the most is the infinite hierarchy. It really helps for organizing.
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Notion combines the best of spreadsheets, notes and tasks into the ultimate productivity tool, writes David Pierce.
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Answer Bot is built into Zendesk Guide and uses machine learning to respond to customer questions with content from your knowledge base. As the tickets come in, Answer Bot learns which help article is best suited to answer specific questions. It’s designed to provide answers to simple support inquiries, like those concerning product specs, order statuses, and subscription changes.

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Author Techseen Bureau Customer service software company, Zendesk, has introduced a smart Knowledge Base solution that captures the collective knowledge of an organization and combines it with machine learning technology to deliver a better customer experience. According to the company, Zendesk Guide will help customer service agents to resolve inquiries wit… See more
Customers should be able to choose the path of least resistance, the one that gets them from point A to B the fastest. This means being able to solve a problem quickly and ideally all on their own. Forrester found that 76 percent of customers prefer to find their own answers as opposed to speaking with a support agent.
17 Alternatives to Answer Bot by Zendesk

Software for better customer service.

Lizaveta Salianik
Lizaveta Salianik- Customer Care Manager, Dream Support
As simple as it may sound Zendesk is so far the most convenient tool I have been using for customer support. First and foremost come the features that help to speed up and automatize the process, thus decreasing the response time. Those heroes are Macros and Comments. Basically, what you do from the very start is create a sheet with the most common issues … See more
Catherine Crandall
Catherine Crandall- Passionate about vitamins & supplements
Great user experience
Willie Morris
Willie Morris- Formerly Amazon, Boeing, and Faithbox
Zendesk is infinitely scalable and has a ton of options. A bit of a learning curve, but solid. We also really like the analytics.
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