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YouNow alternatives and competitors

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Broadcast live with the mobile-first generation
API-first content federation platform built on GraphQL
  • Livestreaming with Kickstarter creators
  • Eyezon is a searchable 🧐 on-demand live streaming tool for your phone 📲. Our goal is providing real-time, custom, peer-to-peer reviews for shopping and lifestyle decisions. We didn't stop there, we're working on a button that will allow our partners to integrate Eyezon with their web platform, bringing our app capabilities to online shops.

    Real live experience through the eyes of everyone

  • Mux Video Live takes the pain out of live video encoding and streaming via a simple API. By the creators of Zencoder & Video.js. Build high-quality live streams into your application with just a few lines of code.

  • Swell is a Streaming API development tool that enables developers to test API endpoints served over modern networking technologies including Server-Sent Events (SSE), WebSocket, and HTTP2.

    Swell is currently in BETA

    Our organization is in the process of developing a SSE API, but we're running into a roadblock with testing it out side of Google Chrome.

  • A streaming app designed for new streamers. Twitch Studio has features that guide you through your stream setup, plus tools that make it easy to engage with your community while you stream.
  • Live.ly

    Live.ly is your personal TV channel. For you, for your friends and for your fans from Musical.ly.

  • Professional Streaming Tools. A full suite of streaming tools for your live content!
  • Askedoo is a FREE app where users can easily exchange knowledge with people from all over the world.

    You can also make use of the “Host a Live Show” feature. Set the ticket price and the seat count. Viewers pay to watch and learn what you have to offer.

    Askedoo is an exciting new way to learn and share answers with real people, in real time.

    The design of the app is so sleek! It's so clean and super easy to navigate. Especially with the new tool tips.

  • Alively

    Share live or recorded videos privately with friends
  • Flurry

    FaceTime meets livestreaming
  • ZujoNow Live SDK is a scalable live streaming API for the web, android, and iOS with the support of WebRTC, RTSP and RTMP and is compatible with OBS Studio, StreamYard OBS Studio, etc. ZujoNow Live helps you make your app more engaging and life much easier.
  • LivePitch

    LivePitch is a live-video based marketplace that allows you to interact with your favorite merchants as if you are in a virtual store. Chat with merchants and order items as you are watching videos without having to travel to another link.