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Year Progress
The time is moving. Are you? ⏳

Replace the chrome new tab page with fun and colorful motivation 💪

Displays the current year progress with beautiful new gradient backgrounds on every tab ⏳

Get things done, Be motivated! 😇

Inspired by Year Progress Twitter(

34 Alternatives to Year Progress

This is your life and it's ending ⏳ one minute at a time

Progress Bar OSX shows you exactly how much % of the year, month and day has progressed in your OSX menu bar. Inspired by Year Progress tweets

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3 month ago, I quit my job to follow my passion and make my own products. Progress Bar OS X was my second project in my 1 year challenge. This is the story of how I made it, specifically written to...
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An app that makes you want to beat procrastination

An app to remind you that time moves fast. Time is a priceless asset that we should not waste. Procrastination is one of the biggest problems that plagues our generation. This app aims to reduce procrastination by notifying you of how much time is left in the year. Increase your productivity, stay motivated, and don't let your time go to waste

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8 Alternatives to Motivation

A desktop app that kills the procrastination in you.

Day Night is a desktop app that shows you how much time left in percentage. You can keep track of today, month and year time in percentage. In addition to that, Day Night have awake mode, sleep mode and changes the theme automatically according to the day time and night time.

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Chrome dashboard to stay productive with progress bars

Progress Dashboard replaces your boring chrome new tab with powerful & customizable time progress bars to keep you productive! Highly inspired by year progress tweets.

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這世上不等人也喚不回的除了任性的另一伴外,就是"時間"了!(攤手)不管你願不願意,它都是一分一秒的在流逝,但大部份的人卻總是忘了把握時間。在使用電腦工作或學習時,經常被網路上的各種資訊影響專注力,而造成效率低落,工作時間拖延,不如試試看用「Eternity」來提醒自己吧! 它是一款可有效提醒時間流動的 Google Chrome ...
「Year Progress」は今年がどれくらい終わったかを確認できる拡張機能です。今現在が1年の何%がを知ることができますよ。Google Chr...
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An easy way to list your goals and track your progress 📈

Tracking your goals makes sure you achieve them. This allows you to see your goals and your progress towards it!

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I want to be a millionaire. I want to be more social. I want to be fit. I want to become a better person. I want to become an expert in my field. I want to be happy. The dreaded "I wants" makes us...
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39 Alternatives to Vestige

A beautiful chrome extension to track your habits.

MyHabits is a Chrome extension to track and develop new habits.

Why a Chrome extension?

- Accountability. Not hiding from your progress/failure. It'll be there on every tab.

- Effortless tracking, no need to open an app. Just click while you browse the web.

- A weekly and monthly chart will help you stay motivated.

11 Alternatives to MyHabits

Understand your true-self and take ownership of your life.

Purposefinder is a self-improvement tool unlike anything going around.

We've taken core aspects from western psychology, neuroscience, eastern philosophy, and business strategy to create one of the most powerful tools to unleash your potential.

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