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4 alternative and related products to Workflow Gallery

Workflow Gallery
A collection of automated iOS Workflows
4 Alternatives to Workflow Gallery

Simple workflow and task automation for teams

Vinay Patankar
Vinay Patankar- CEO, Process Street, AngelPad Alum
BANT Qualification, Sales Proposals, Deal Won process
Naman Bhutani
Naman Bhutani- Sales Specialist
Somewhere somehow I came across this tool, it helped me in automating quite a lot of my stuff and a place to keep my lists ready..
Cam Macduff
Cam Macduff- Creative Lead and Strategy
Not so much to-do list but it certainly works for organising stuff. Powerfully plugs in to lots of services too.
10 Alternatives to Process Street 2.0

A development workflow that keeps you in the zone.

Gone are the days stale branches, painful merges, and “What’s the status?” You just do your work, and your team is in the know. Automagically. Conveyor replaces your Git client, hosted version control service, and task management with a single, integrated development workflow.

5 Alternatives to Conveyor

Automate processes and workflows fast with smart checklists

TeamworkIQ is the easiest way to manage recurring processes, procedures, and workflows.

+ Streamline business operations

+ Make sure things get done right

+ Increase accountability

+ Eliminate costly errors

Automate processes and workflows in minutes simply by documenting them. Type up who needs to do what and let TeamworkIQ automate the rest.

5 Alternatives to TeamworkIQ

Automate your video workflows. No coding required.

Mad Distro is a workflow automation toolkit for videos. No coding or programming experience required. Your time is better spent focusing on the things that really matter, so we're making it easier to automate the boring and tedious stuff.

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Mad Distro
Whether you filmed videos with the wrong orientation, or you want to rotate a video to fit within a platform's specifications (e.g. IGTV and vertical video). Without programming experience and batch-processing, this can end up eating into the valuable time. ...
Mad Distro
Watch folders are directories or folders that are tracked for new changes such that when a new file is added to the folder, an action is taken. For instance, let's say we have hundreds of videos to resize for Instagram, ...
Mad Distro
Instagram has grown from a simple app for adding filters to images to a full-blown platform for photo and video-sharing. From regular posts to Instagram stories and IGTV, there's a range of potential avenues to share your videos and represent ...
5 Alternatives to Mad Distro
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