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Wordpack - Word Puzzle Game

Tile and complete word puzzles with a unique gameplay

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Wordpack is an android game with the backpacking concept, playing Wordpack is really enjoyable. Visit up to 7 cities and play 15 city levels on each city to unlock the next city pack! With hand crafted 100+ challenging puzzles, you will never get bored!

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What is your perspective?

Sometimes all you need is to change the perspective.

You will skip between dimensions and challenge your imagination. Somewhere between 2D and 3D, ​you will have to find creativity to solve the puzzles.

The game uses a minimalist design and a peaceful atmospheric music to create a calm mood helping you focus add relax at the same time.

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Perspecto By: Kamil Kucma (Gamezaur)  Ever since Monument Valley came along, I've been on the lookout for new games that play with perspective. There have been a lot of them, though few really hit the mark. There's usually something that just weighs down the whole experience and keeps it from...
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A fun and addicting pixel art puzzle game.

A fun and addicting pixel art puzzle game. Your goal is to rotate the tiles to create the road that will shape the final picture. An awesome and rewarding time killer!

150 levels are available across 5 thematic packs: Basic, Video Games, Science, Food, and Animals. The game is updated regularly and more packs will be added in the future.

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Number Islands

A relaxing puzzle game about numbers on floating islands.

A relaxing puzzle game about numbers on floating islands. Swap any two blocks on the island, keep swapping until you unscramble the number on the island.


4 different environments spanning over 50 levels.


Tap any block, then tap another block to swap locations.


Relaxing, meditative soundtrack.


Rare plant life native to these islands, never before seen on Earth.


There are islands, and they are floating, there is nothing holding them up, it's like magic.

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