Alternative products to Wisdom from Kanye

13 alternative and related products to Wisdom from Kanye

Wisdom from Kanye
Next level Kanye shit in every new Chrome tab

Now that Kanye is back on Twitter, impart yourself with wisdom.

13 Alternatives to Wisdom from Kanye

Sometimes you need a break from genius.

We can all agree that Kanye West is a musical genius. But in a time when our political climate is in disarray, his “genius” (or however you’d like to call it) has become pretty exhausting.

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For those who have tired of Kanye West's constant headlines, "SnoozYe" is the new Google Chrome extension that will help you cancel out all that West-related noise. Developed by Team BNE, the plug-in will allow users who have downloaded it to block out all news related to the artist.
6 Alternatives to SnoozYe

Boost productivity with bite sized wisdom in your MacMenuBar

WisdomBarOSX is a Mac Menu-Bar app which shows you wisdom quotes on Entrepreneurship and Life from people who i look upto like Naval Ravikant, Elon Musk, Mark Cuban etc. WisdomBarOSX was born so as to make us all feel inspired and motivated to do epic shit !

5 Alternatives to WisdomBarOSX
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