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10 alternative and related products to Wire 2.0

Wire 2.0
Crystal clear voice, video and group chats, encrypted
10 Alternatives to Wire 2.0

Tauria is the only solution that offers true fully end-to-end encrypted video calls for groups of up to 50 people, 1-on-1 calls and screen sharing.
The platform also provides messaging, file storage, and scheduling all encrypted in one place.

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WATERLOO, ON, May 12, 2020 /CNW/ - Tauria, a Waterloo-based software encryption company, is excited to announce that today it is launching its secure video conferencing and business suite. This will protect businesses confidential information by providing end-to-end encryption, at a time where other
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Karthikeyan KC
XMPP > Signal > Wire! The practical choice here would be Wire! Unlike Signal, which is available only on Mobile platforms (sorry, a chrome extension is not that convincing when compared to a standalone desktop client), Wire is cross-platform and it uses a protocol that's based on the Signal protocol. So it's quite easy to request your friends and fami… See more
Doney den Ouden
Wire is open source and at least as secure as Signal, but actually usable thanks to its beautiful design and great features. You can send all kinds of file formats, temporary messages, GIFs, pings (think Buzzers from the MSN days), sketches, and audio messages with voice filters. It even had encrypted video calls before Signal. The app is available for all m… See more
Advantages of wire over signal, you ask? - sending pics and videos in a group chat doesn't take forever - group chats​ actually work without having to deal with "bad encrypted messages" and weird errors that make my relatives and friends think I'm a tinfoil hat weirdo - development cycle is fast, thanks to a larger number of developers - group calls - the FB… See more
6 Alternatives to Wire

Mumble is a fully encrypted text and voice server that allows you to:
🎉Create public or private community servers
🧙‍♂️Create channels for different topics
💬Send encrypted text and voice chat
📁Share encrypted files securely
🤑Tip helpful community members

9 Alternatives to Mumble
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