Alternative products to Winnie Parenting Communities

6 alternative and related products to Winnie Parenting Communities

Winnie Parenting Communities
Connect with informed parents on a variety of topics
6 Alternatives to Winnie Parenting Communities

The simple guide to great parenting

Whether you want to work on behaviors like listening, or instill strengths like resilience or just have a more connected relationship with your kid, Bright has the answers. Take the quick lessons and receive daily activities and tips to apply what you learned IRL. If you're stuck, get tips from other parents and even our trained coaches. Worldwide!

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The Bright Parenting app has been in beta for just 2 months so far, but with hundreds of parents using it, we've already seen some interesting trends all parents should know about! Are boys more difficult? Well it turns out the answer might be yes at this age (3-10).
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7 Alternatives to Bright

Get insights about your baby 👶 and have fun doing it.

ThriveBaby is the simple way of ensuring the best for you 🤰and your growing baby 👶. Track and get valuable insights to what’s important to you and have fun 😃doing it.

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Today we'd like to introduce you to Sean Usman. Sean, let's start with your story. We'd love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far. I was fortunate to be born and raised in the states from strong and loving Ethiopian refugee parents who instilled in me that the [...]
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4 Alternatives to ThriveBaby

A hyperlocal network for parents to connect with classes

Kyndor is a hyperlocal network for parents to connect with other school parents and businesses. Parents can also recommend enrichment classes to other local parents.

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In my almost 18 years of research in the field of Mindology - something I created, a cross between the study of human behaviour and the vast resources of the human mind. I have rarely come across a parent who can keep up with their young child or their teenager.
How Parental Involvement Improves Academic Performance Not All Parents Are The Same You're sitting in a chair, waiting for your turn. You overhear the teacher speaking to other parents about their children's performance. It makes you wonder about what she'll say to you about yours.
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Your Partner in Parenting!

S'moresUp is the app for modern-day parents to successfully manage their family.

It's a simple and easy to use family management app that can be used to set up a family chore system, manage your family calendar, set up a private family network and tap into the knowledge of the parental community.

S'moresUp is your partner in parenting.

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One year ago, I was going through some hardships that had thrown my life and our family routine out of whack. It wasn't an easy time for any of us. Not knowing what else to do, I turned to my local...
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Rotation5 says its S'moresUp app is technology's Swiss Army Knife for parents. It helps them create and track chores, digitize their family's schedule, create alerts for pick-up and drop-off, and share it between partners or co-parents. They say it's also a one-click playdate planner and teaches kids about saving and helps with goal setting for them.
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I was on top of the world. I was doing so well in my career. I had worked at PayPal building a reputation as a product lead for six years, and then joining Target in 2016 where I was asked to lead the product and design for Goldfish, Target's flagship innovation project to build the "Store of the Future," set to launch in March 2017.
4 min read As a single mother, parenting wasn't easy for Priya Rajendran, who is based in Silicon Valley. In early 2017, she was going through a rough patch in life. As a single parent, she was struggling to balance her work and personal life.
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Reduce co-parenting stress, live longer.

We launched SmartCoparent, the ultimate co-parenting solution, with the vision to re-imagine the way co-parents and professionals collaborate. SmartCoparent is endorsed by the Institute of Divorce Financial Analysts (IDFA®).

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Innovate Long Island
By GREGORY ZELLER // From the mind behind the Moiety scheduling app comes the next evolution in peaceful co-parenting for the matrimonially challenged. SmartCoparent is the second product by Hauppauge-based Aeonic Ventures, following the 2016 launch (and subsequent upgrades) of Moiety, a scheduling app that works for any social group (or "crew") but is desig… See more
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