Alternative products to WineNights

12 alternative and related products to WineNights

Organize events, discover and enjoy wine with friends

The fun and easy app to help you rate, discover and enjoy wine with friends. Setup, track and keep a record of your wine nights. Wine Nights lets you be the judge.

12 Alternatives to WineNights

A Wine subscription box that makes great Wine affordable

We started Empathy Wines with a radical new way of selling wine, and ambitious goals. We want people to pay less for great, authentic wines by delivering them direct to their door, while shining a spotlight on top-tier grape growers, the unsung heroes of the wine world.

Founded by Gary Vaynerchuk, Jon Troutman, and Nate Scherotter

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The Wine Daily
Digital marketing mogul Gary Vaynerchuk is working to disrupt the wine industry with the launch of Empathy Wines. Empathy Wines is a concept that lets farmers sell directly to consumers, under the Empathy Wines label. This eliminates the markup consumers must pay, while also allowing farmers to earn more.
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Matt Klein
Matt Klein- Founder of PRSNL Branding
Certainly the best choice out there. After using Delectable for three years, I've found Vivino's scanner to be more accurate and reliable. Plus, Vivino's community is incomparable. No ads too!
Michael Schultz
Michael Schultz- Designer from concept to UI
I bought more wine than I should have – originally, I installed the app to manage my wines at home. But it's so tempting to use the app in discovery mode ... :-)
Evgeniy Utkin
Evgeniy Utkin- Business Development at AdoreStudio
First thing I hear when asking people for wine recommendations. It's really easy to use and not pushy at all (in terms of buying its stuff). You just install it, go to the wine shelf in a store, grab a bottle, makes a photo through Vivino and in a snap it shows you all information about the bottle: ratings, user reviews, manufacturer, what dishes does it sui… See more
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Wines selected by world-class experts sent to you

At Nosy, we invite a different world-class expert every month to select three of his favorite wines from all over the world that we ship directly to your door.

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Set to go live on 5 November, the Nosy Wine Club is the brainchild of Porto-based Marta Maia, who wanted to offer UK consumers something more than the often-uninspiring wine selection found in supermarkets.
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Taste preferences selected based on your DNA

Wine Explorer is a DNA kit that curates wine recommendations uniquely tailored to your taste preferences and scientifically selected based on your DNA

Dang Tran
Dang Tran- Inventor of Gravity Chopsticks®
More science behind this tech.
9 Alternatives to Wine Explorer

Take notes during wine tasting 🍷

DIWINER is for wine lovers, straight from Italy, the country of taste, flavor and beauty of vino. Save your favorite wines with useful personal references and inspired emotions.

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