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Window Focus

Window Focus alternatives and competitors

Highlight active apps & dim your screen

Top alternatives for Window Focus

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  • f.lux

    f.lux is makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.

    I have been using this since it first showed up on Product Hunt. It's probably my most used 'app' even though I barely ever interact with it…

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  • HazeOver: Distraction Dimmer

    4.7★5 reviews
    Free options

    Too many windows open to manage? Big display? Or sometimes getting lost in multiple monitors? This app is for you!

    This has been a standard app on my machine. It is one of those utilities that does its work day in and day out making my experience a much m…

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  • Look Up for Mac

    Reduce eye strain & exhaustion with the 20-20-20 Rule
  • Lumen

    Magic auto brightness based on screen contents
  • Dozer

    Dozer lets you hide menu bar items to give your Mac a cleaner look.

    Tried Bartender and Vanilla. Vanilla is glitchy and Bartender seems expensive for functionality that is essentially free in Windows 10.

  • Vanish

    Keep your workspace clean and automatically hide or close inactive apps after a custom set period of time. You can also keep an app active by clicking the red circle in the menu.
  • Safe Eyes

    Working long hours looking at a screen can harm the eyes. This simple and elegant tool reminds you to take short breaks doing some excersises (looking at far distance, rotating eyes, having some water, ... or your custome breaks) to reset your eyes.
  • DeskCover

    DeskCover is an application for Mac that highlights the active application and shades all other windows.

    Their Customer Service Team is non-existent. Only a bot that says they will get back to you eventually and may take longer because of the mi…See more
  • SPF

    Have you ever presented work on a screen or projector that completely blows out highlights or nice details of what you're presenting?
    Spf is a tiny, open source, Mac app that enables you to display a dark overlay on your screen so highlights actually show up!

    Helps ensure that your work is shown with the same attention to detail as you intended.

  • UnDistracted - Control yourself, stay focused and productive!

    There are a lot of things on your screen that distract you: crazy amount of icons, dock with dozens of notifications and an ocean of inactive apps. Information noise is annoying and interrupts work.

    UnDistracted gives you the tools you need to make your desktop less distracting, so you can focus on the task at hand.

  • Screen Tint

    Reduce the brightness of your Mac’s screen
  • Please Don't Do It (PDDI)

    This Chrome plugin helps you to stay away from distracting sites with a steep price. The promise is, if you can follow through, there is nothing you can't achieve.
  • Menubar Auto Brightness

    Controll your mac's screen brightness based on which app is in focus.
    Set the desired brightness per app and continue with your work and let "menubar-auto-brightness" automatically adjust screen brightness when you switch apps.
    Improve your productivity!
  • Block Clock

    A Chrome extensions that blocks social networks. When you press 'START', you can't see SNS for 25 minutes until a break time. This service isn't communicating with the server, it works only with your computer.

    When 25minutes have elapsed and break is over, you receive a notification.

  • 123Read

    123Read can convert (almost) any URL to nice article so you don't see all the distractions around the articles.
    If you have dyslexia or you don't see well, 123Read will be very helpful by removing distruction, especially with screen-readers.
  • Supp

    Supp is a simple browser extension for Mindful Status Management.It keeps constant distractions at bay while working remotely or WFH.
    Supp gives you an instant glance at what your coworkers or friends are doing & who's busy or free to be bothered.