Alternative products to Where to Report?

9 alternative and related products to Where to Report?

Where to Report?

Find where to report an issue with anything.

Discovered an issue with a website, app or anything else? Want to report it to the creators but don't know where? Search on to find issue reporting links for products you love to use.

9 Alternatives to Where to Report?

See video, network & logs leading up to bugs or crashes

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You probably wonder whether you need Bugsee and is it any good? Well, let me try to address these here.VIDEOHave you ever wondered how your users get to a certain state in your app? Have you ever tried to recreate an intermittent bug? As developers, we deal with these types of issues on a regular basis.
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Extensible mobile app debugging for iOS and Android

Sonar is a platform for debugging mobile apps on iOS and Android. Visualize, inspect, and control your apps from a simple desktop interface. Use Sonar as is or extend it using the plugin API.

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El lunes, Emil Sjölander, ingeniero de software de Facebook, dijo en una publicación de blog que Sonar fue desarrollado por y para ingenieros de Facebook para ayudarlos a administrar la red social, incluida la implementación de nuevas funciones, la búsqueda de errores y la optimización del rendimiento.
SD Times
Facebook has announced it will be open sourcing its extensible debugging tool: Sonar. Sonar was originally created to help Facebook engineers manage the complexity of working with multiple different modules. According to the company, Sonar provides a framework where experts and developers can convey important information to users.
Facebook has released an internal debugging tool, Sonar, to the open source community. On Monday, Emil Sjölander, Facebook software engineer said in a blog post that Sonar was developed for and by Facebook engineers to help them manage the social network, including the implementation of new features, bug hunting, and performance optimization.
7 Alternatives to Sonar by Facebook

Free testing platform to replicate & share website bugs 🐞

Uilicious automates UI testing for web applications.

Write tests that are

- Readable and maintainable (without hardcoding ugly CSS or XPATHs or magic waits)

- Share embeddable bug replication reports for your devs, and issue trackers.

- Easily repeatable so you can swiftly replicate and verify bug fixes.

Uilicious Snippets is free, forever.

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The Practical Dev
Uilicious First soft launched on - when youtube was down After thousand of hours, of preparation coding and coffee. Today we are officially launching onto Product Hunt The idea behind this, is to allow users to write clear test scripts, and bug reports that can be easily understandable, repeatable, and most importantly publicly s… See more
The Practical Dev
Uilicious Was goofing off at work watching youtube, until it started failing on me. Thought it was wifi until I checked using a public UI test script on it. Feel free to run the test multiple times here : See more
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