Alternative products to What If Bitcoin?

14 alternative and related products to What If Bitcoin?

What If Bitcoin?
Check how much you could have made by investing in bitcoin.

14 Alternatives to What If Bitcoin?

See how much you could have made investing 💰

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There's FOMO about not going out on Saturday, and then there's FOMO about not being a billionaire. The website accurately chose its name. The site lets you easily see exactly how rich you could have been if only you'd actually followed through on buying stock in Apple 15 years ago.
What % of what you do is motivated by social influence? Peer pressure does not go away on the middle school playgrounds. We all make major decisions that are, often in someway, motivated by the actions of others. Partying. Shopping. Sports. Getting married.
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Crypto portfolio manager with exchange syncing

Cosmo is a slick cryptocurrency portfolio manager that aims to build its focus around exchange and wallet syncing

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With the average crypto investor having his coins spread across anywhere from 2-10 exchanges / wallets, things can get unorganized pretty quickly. To solve this issue the Crypto Portfolio Tracker was born! Whenever you make a trade just enter the details into your tracker and it will tell you your profits.
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Find out just how much of your net worth is in crypto.

The idea is simple: you put in how much crypto you own + your net worth WITHOUT crypto. The site will fetch current prices and do the calculations for you. It works with the 10 biggest crypto currencies (by market cap): Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, NAM, NEO, IOTA, and Monero.

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How much you could have made (or lost) investing in crypto 💸

Extreme Crypto FOMO is a product which I built over the weekend just to sabotage myself thinking how much I could have made investing in crypto. Don't take it too seriously though 😝 Inspired by Extreme FOMO and given permission to reuse design, thanks guys! 🙌 @jrdngonen @shivkanthb

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Your mental support during crypto crash

Are you or your friends freaking out with all digital coins plummeting in value? Here's a bot that helps you calm down and return to work or whatever that's important in life :)

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