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7 alternative and related products to Vote Count for Product Hunt

Vote Count for Product Hunt
A simple api to get a product's vote count on Product Hunt
The new embeddable badge doesn't always fit. So, I made this; A simple API for retrieving the vote count of your product. Without the need for an API key or Auth, it is safe to do client-side, reducing the stress on your servers.
A free lightweight IDE optimized for building UI web tests.
7 Alternatives to Vote Count for Product Hunt

RightBar increases conversions by offering the perfect call-to-action to each visitor, no matter where they're up to in your funnel.

Nudge anonymous traffic to opt in, subscribers to buy something small, and customers to be more successful.

Product Hunt discount today: 30% off, for life.

Discount auto-applied when you click through from PH 🎉

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Hi Product Hunters 👋

I’m Alex, creator of is a lightweight embeddable built to encourage new PH reviews & act as an additional trust signal for your users.

It’s totally free, and crazy simple to install.

I’d be more than happy to respond to any feedback, questions or feature requests you may have (AMA).

Thank you ✌️

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