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Virus Cafe alternatives and competitors

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Make a friend in 2 minutes!
Here's how it works:
1. You are matched with a random partner for a video chat
2. You're given a deep question to discuss. You have 2 minutes!
3. The only rule is: no small talk!
Meet a new friend & make a deep connection today.
Top Virus Cafe alternatives
Online fundraising for growth-obsessed startups
  • Network from home! Register with your background, interests, and goals. Each week, sign up to make new connections. Lunchclub's AI directly matches you 1:1 with relevant people. Connect with your matches by video, join curated events, and advance your career.
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  • Snack is a Slack bot that matches people to have unplanned, time-restricted video conversations with ice-breakers. We help you build relationships and share knowledge with your team.
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  • Donut Slack Bot is a tool that strengthens your team's relationships, empathy, and culture by connecting co-workers together to get to know each other better.

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  • Working at home can be lonely and isolating these days.
    Meet smart like-minded relevant people over a virtual lunch and grow.
    It's like a chat-roulette, but with verified people to grow your network and make meaningful connections over lunch.
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  • Out of the Blue

    I realized we don't have a lot of tools for a conversation-first culture. So, I deleted social media off of my phone and built this app. Whenever I am craving connection, I have it populate a random contact for me to text or call.
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