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5 alternative and related products to unwelch

Web app for friendly betting

Unwelch is a friendly betting app where you can challenge your friends and track who has more foresight.

You can create a bet, share it with who you want and later decide who won. After some bets everyone thinks they have won more bets than anyone else, and that’s when you can access your stats and see who is the real nostradamus.

Powerful product analytics.
5 Alternatives to unwelch

FriendO is the new social app that allows you to answer fun questions about yourself, send them to your friends, and see how well they know you! See if Johnny really knows what you like to eat, or if Becca really knows your favorite sports team. Then, once they’ve shown their friendship, you get to show yours!

7 Alternatives to FriendO

Create, join and share awesome challenges.

That feeling when your friends dares you to do something?

That’s YouClap!

Challenge all of your followers with public challenges and your group of friends with private challenges.

Discover new challenges and connect with incredible creators.

Clap the posts you like and Double Clap the ones you love.

5 Alternatives to YouClap
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