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7 alternative and related products to Ultimate SaaS Guide

Ultimate SaaS Guide
100 Q&A asked around scaling, sales and raising capital.
The SaaS community has asked us 3000+ questions over the past four years.
Here's the top 100. Answered.
5 sections:
1. Founder to Founder 🀝
2. Raising Capital πŸ’°
3. Scaling πŸ“Š
4. Sales πŸ€‘
5. Hiring & Operations ✏️
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7 Alternatives to Ultimate SaaS Guide

I've interviewed over 1000 CEO's for my podcast The Top Entreprenuers where I get revenue data, customer counts, and more from SaaS CEO's. This product makes all that audio data available in spreadsheet form.

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Bogdan Dobrogaiev
I really enjoy podcasts from Nathan Latka. A lot of useful interviews from Founders of top SaaS companies with a good question about key metrics and personal productivity.
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Savvy Apps
When it comes to creating advanced interactive app prototypes, there's been no shortage of options for the design community. In the past, we tried Framer.js, Pixate, and Origami, just to name a few. As a member of the design team at Savvy Apps, we found these kinds of tools overly limiting and too complex to use.
Bring your static mobile app designs to life Why prototyping interaction is a valuable aspect of mobile app design, and why all UI designers should give Principle for Mac a try. Plus a quick tutorial on how to get started animating your static mockups.
17 Alternatives to Latka SaaS Database

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Vinay Patankar
1000+ sales emails and voicemails from top SaaS companies
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Process Street
We're live on Product Hunt today with this study and archive of 1000+ sales emails! Support us. Every SaaS company pours mountains of resources into building a sales team, creating efficient sales processes, and optimizing sales emails. That's because the most direct way to impact your revenues is by making sure your sales processes are as tight as possible.
16 Alternatives to Inside SaaS Sales
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