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16 alternative and related products to uHerrd

Powerful opinion polls that go way beyond basic stats

16 Alternatives to uHerrd

Run your own trivia games on Facebook Live 🎮

We combined well known Trivia Game with Facebook Live and made a new exciting thing. It is a real-time interactive game right inside a live video. Users interact with it using comments.

With just a few clicks, you can launch it on your Facebook page and start engaging your users. And Facebook's algorithm will help you to get large audience reach.

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Polly is a fun and easy way to poll your friends. Create a poll, attach it to your Story, and your friends vote in Snapchat. Voting is anonymous so you can bet on honest feedback from those you care about.

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Snapchat doesn't technically have a developer platform, but that hasn't stopped other startups from taking advantage of its new feature for attaching links to your Snaps and Stories. Sarahah was the first, allowing people to ask fellow Snappers for open-ended anonymous feedback. But the problem is that those requests could be met with cyberbullying.
Facebook wants to show advertisers the impact TV has on social and vice versa. The company is launching two new brand measurement tools that analyze TV and Facebook performance. One of them, Facebook Cross-Platform Brand Lift, plugs into TV analytics company iSpot to crunch data on brand lift across Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Audience Network, or FAN, … See more
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Make better decisions quickly with your team

We use the Design Sprint process, and we ended up using a lot of Post-it notes and stickers. We thought to ourselves, how could we improve this and also allow remote team members to participate, so we created this simple tool to crowdsource ideas and make better decisions quickly with teams

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MoneyVoice gives you the right to vote at businesses where you spend money. You link a payment card to verify that you are a real customer, and then every purchase earns you one vote at that business. You can vote for what you want the business to do.

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OAKLAND, Calif. (PRWEB) January 23, 2018 -- MoneyVoice is an app that gives people a voice where they shop. Users can vote for changes and improvements they want to see at every business from their local grocer to major national chain stores.
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A social mobile game show network

Hangtime is a new and fun mobile gaming platform that lets users play trivia games while interacting with each other directly in-app. For each game, players can compete to win cash and other prizes while chatting with friends in a private chat room, or a “hang.”

Shows currently air at 2pm and 6pm Eastern Time every day.

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You may have chilled with your friends in person a few years ago, but today, hanging out is something you can do with your friends ... in solitude. Meet Hangtime, a new mobile gaming platform that will allow its users to play live trivia games and quizzes while interacting with other human players, all without ever meeting those players in person.
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Bringing together citizens, politicians and journalists

NextElection is a platform that brings together citizens, activists, experts and government leaders to further push for issue-based governance and accountability. It is a tool to empower citizens, enable participative policy-making and strengthen democracy.

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There is a buzz in the air, this election year. And startups are lapping it up: from providing poll booth information on apps, to conducting online opinion polls to gauge the mood of the nation; from creating a constituency citizen-specific manifesto to crafting a board game to understand how the Indian democracy works - there is enough to liven up the 2019 … See more
The Times of India
Highlights NEW DELHI: You may struggle to read your neta's mind but the neta has a lot of help reading yours. This election season, you may have noticed a trend in the kind of political videos popping up on your feeds. And posts related to polls you haven't participated in but are there for your reading anyway.
As India prepares for the 2019 General Elections, it's become evident that the smartphone has a role to play The elections will begin on April 11 and will be held in seven phases till May 19. As the country goes to polls, the smartphone can throw open a host of voting options in the form of apps and websites.
The Financial Express
Amidst the uproar that this election season has witnessed, technology seems to be paving the way in terms of providing information and assisting voters in making an informed choice. Many apps and web-based platforms have been launched to bring voters closer to their leaders.
The Better India
While the one-off viral social media post does cause some wheels to turn, how do everyday citizens like you and me address our concerns (like public transport, drinking water, electricity or our local school) systematically? Usually, the answer is - get involved in the political process and bring your concerns to elected representatives.
As we head into the 2019 General Elections, there is a newer dimension to what is perhaps the most important general elections in the world's biggest democracy. Apart from the political rallies, the door-to-door campaigning, the takeover of airwaves on FM radio stations and the usual excitement that exists around elections, there will be more this time aroun… See more
The Times of India
Software engineer Deepak Pathania has never really been interested in politics, but a month ago, the first-time voter decided to download Neta after a friend shared an article about it. The leader rating app gamifies politics by inviting users to review politicians and parties.
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