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TwoDots alternatives and competitors

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A beautiful new puzzle game for iOS from the makers of Dots
Workflows by Anvil
No-code PDF automation for all, webform meets PDF & e-sign
  • Shape of the World is an astoundingly beautiful, relaxing world to spend your evening in.

    Love opening it up and wandering around to chill out in the evenings

  • Recursive!

    Recursive is a puzzle game about recursion, patterns, and programming. It is the perfect game for people who love hard puzzles.
    Your goal is to help little robots collect all gems by finding the correct pattern and translating it into a short program.
  • Brain Drain

    10 aspects of the human brain has been gamified with beautiful pixel-retro design. There are ten functionalities which lead to ten different puzzles.
    Features and functionalities are state-of-art in the iOS platform.
  • Blixi

    Blixi is a relaxing puzzle game with beautiful neumorphic design and innovative fresh gameplay. Compete for the top ranks with players from around the world on the constantly updated leaderboards. Blixi is an ideal casual game.
  • Unfoldit

    Unfoldit is a puzzle game designed to improve your spatial awareness. It's based on REAL cognitive tests used in academic assessments, medical research, and even admissions tests. Unfoldit is the exciting cognitive challenge you've been looking for!
  • Ordinary Puzzles is a web, iOS, and Android mobile puzzle game inspired by Picross and Sudoku.
    Each puzzle has a single solution and can be solved through logical deduction alone: no trial and error needed.
    Ordinary Puzzles is free and open-source.
  • ShapeConnector

    A simple open source puzzle game.
  • Puzzle Club

    In Puzzle Club you compete with other players by creating and solving puzzles. There are 18 game mechanics and 200 basic puzzles. To be on top of the global leaderboard, you need Victory Points, which can be earned by solving puzzles, created by other players.
  • Noodles

    A relaxing, simple, addictive iOS puzzle game, with noodles!
  • Swopster

    A simple game to stimulate your mind. Tap or swipe the circles until all the colors match. Beat your record with a new challenge every time. Play today for free on iPhone!
  • Block Out

    Welcome to the official mobile app for Block Out!
    Connect at horizontal or vertical lines to eliminate blocks in a tetris-like fashion. You score points exponential to the number of lines you connect and the combos that are produced from it. Can you take on the risk to produce the highest score possible?
  • Serendipity

    Serendipity is a free puzzle game made as an exercise in minimalism.
  • Trikaya

    Trikaya is an first-person puzzle game where the player explores a long-forgotten temple piecing together a mighty and mysterious artifact to master Wind, Earth, and Fire magic to solve puzzles and uncover the intriguing history of the extraordinary artifact.
  • Halfway

    In a world dominated by black and white, two elements are seeking a path to reunite and restore the harmony. ½ Halfway was made using Buildbox, without writing a single line of code and during self isolation!
  • Colorculator

    A Calculator Puzzle Game for ALL Ages
    Colorculator is a puzzle game that lets your creative juice flowing. By pressing the correct sequence of buttons you can generate the CORRECT color!
    One press and everything changes and puzzle game for everyone!

    SPHAZE is a relaxing exploration through fantasy and sci-fi worlds. Guide the mysterious robots through different areas, solving arcade puzzles, challenging your reflex, and helping the energetic RoBeep.
  • Match Dots

    In match dots the you need to draw ingenious lines and shapes to help two little separated dots overcome all the obstacles and meet each other. With a large number of levels, this engaging physics-based puzzle game will keep you entertained for hours!
  • Numogy

    Simple puzzle that challenges your intelligence.
  • Hitch Dots

    Simple minimalistic puzzle game
  • The Costumemaster

    An acclaimed costume designer and software engineer wakes up from a blackout to an eerily familiar scene. But, something isn’t quite… right…. Traverse through a dream-like, constantly changing bedroom and office and get out as quickly as you can.