Alternative products to Trusted News

9 alternative and related products to Trusted News

Trusted News

Trusted News helps you spot fake or suspicious news.

Trusted News (from eyeo, creators of Adblock Plus) highlights the trustworthiness of news websites. Today’s internet is full of uncertainty. Disinformation, falsehood and clickbait reign supreme.

With Trusted News, information is power. Our simple extension warns if a site is considered trustworthy, satire, malicious or biased.

9 Alternatives to Trusted News

A social journalism platform to hunt fake news

Fact Hunt is a social platform to hunt fake news. We aspire to be India's most unbiased fact checking website and committed to burst any fake news shared by any media, journalists, politicians and popular social media profiles.

It is a unique platform which shows the stand of both left and right wing on any trending and controversial stories.

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With the rise of social media and internet availability in India, we have witnessed the growth of fake news and propaganda. On social media, the reach and effects of information spread occur at such a fast pace and so amplified that distorted, inaccurate or false information acquires a tremendous potential to cause real-world impacts, within minutes, for mil… See more
6 Alternatives to Fact Hunt

Nice news spread by Russian hackers

We Are Anonynice. A group of Russian hackers who spread nice fake news. From developing bot networks, to hi-jacking verified accounts. We will use whatever means is necessary.

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NFN World News - Breaking News, World News, Entertainment News
A group of Russian hackers who spread nice fake news.
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