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Trusted is the fastest and most convenient way for busy parents to find a vetted, high quality caregiver for their children. Trusted's caregivers are interviewed, onboarded, trained and W-2 employed by Trusted. Using Trusted's app, parents can vide live video, geolocate their provide and message with their provider.

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Connecting parents with trusted babysitters & tutors nearby

Orcas is an online marketplace connecting parents and students with trusted babysitters and tutors nearby. Parents can download the mobile application and start searching for babysitters and tutors right away!

Egyptian Streets
Orcas, which was originally known as CairoSitters, was founded by three graduates from Cairo's Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule (DEO) to provide high-quality babysitting and tutoring services to parents. Since the startup entered the market three years ago, Orcas has employed a large number of young Egyptians, including students who are looking to gain some … See more
Cairo Angels announced its investment in Orcas, an edtech startup for education, tutoring and caregiving services. Formerly Cairo...
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Baby Buddy

A self-hosted personal dashboard for baby care!

Baby Buddy helps caregivers track sleep, feedings, diaper changes, and tummy time to learn about and predict baby's needs without (as much) guess work.

Being able to confidently predict "it looks like he will have a cold in one or two days, let's increase his dose and preempt it" based on PEF (peak expiratory flow) measurement done morning and evening was such a boon. Also being able to confidently identify patterns like "he always gets worse when we do X".
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The world's first digital babysitter

Jezter is the world's first digital babysitter. A new style of entertainment platform for children. Choose from thousands of titles in YouTube, comics, games and educational. Login as a parent and craft time controlled playlists for different situations. Login as a child and discover age-appropriate digital content in a safe, curated environment.

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