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17 alternative and related products to Travo

Smart trip planning for the 'mission critical' traveler
17 Alternatives to Travo

Travel planning made easy - travel itineraries, VR, maps

Scott Williams
Scott Williams- President, Emisare, Inc.
I found Sygic on Product Hunt in 2017 and have been a power user ever since. Sygic makes travel planning easy and lets you build detailed itineraries complete w/ mapping, reviews, and more. There's a free version that's useful but Premium gets you a whole lot more (e.g. downloadable maps). There are three ways to purchase premium: Monthly ($3.99), yearly or … See more
Andreas Stegmann
Andreas Stegmann
Best tool for roadtrips hands down.
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33 Alternatives to Sygic Travel

Plan, share, and book trips with friends

Gillian Morris
Gillian Morris- CEO, Hitlist
Disclosure: I'm the founder of Hitlist. But we do our best to do exactly what you're saying: offer inspiration of places both known and off the beaten track. You can sort destinations by type (whale watching? Vegan friendly?), budget, the time that you're free to travel, and more. You can also see where your friends have been and ask them for tips if you cho… See more
Shamit Khemka
Shamit Khemka- M.D. - SynapseIndia
The app enables you to find cheap flights and airline tickets. You can also browse the cheapest airfare for domestic and international flights.
Gillian Morris
Gillian Morris- CEO, Hitlist
Disclosure: I'm the founder. You can browse flights by interest (good places for surfing, best cities for singles :), etc. We have nearly a million people including many digital nomads using Hitlist to find cheap flights, whether they're traveling long term or working remotely for a couple weeks.
22 Alternatives to Hitlist 3.0

Helping you avoid peak travel dates & save money

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When you're planning a vacation, you can always wait for travel deals to pop up or try to take advantage of places where price wars are taking place. But more often, you're planning well in advance, and you know where you want to go. That's not always a recipe for a cheap week away.
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Easily save, organise and share everything about your trips

This platform takes the hassle away from sharing recommendations, organising group trips and finding scattered info related to your trips. Behind the curtain, we are developing a new type of travel recommendations based on bahavioural sciences and applying AI to our unique dataset.

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Vestpod - Women & Money
Hi Claire! Please tell us a little bit about yourself. As a passionate traveller fascinated by Tech and all the opportunities it offers, I founded wOndary. In a past life, I worked in Investment Banking, advised startups and trained as an aspirant professional dancer.
Claire Trachet believes that the right mind-set can make the world a better place, one traveller at a time - which is why after six...
The international Startup Magazine
Please introduce yourself and your startup wOndary to our readers! We're Claire and Achim, co-founders of wOndary - a platform "connecting all your travel dots" by enabling you to save, organise and share everything related to your trips. We're on a mission to empower travellers to not travel as a tourists, but to explore and push their own boundaries.
10 Alternatives to wOndary

Never Miss Another Flight with a personalized info hub 🛫

Travel Time is a day of travel hub that has all your trips and can tell you when to leave your location for the airport given airport congestion and traffic, how much time to leave for a flight connection, and when you should be picked up from the airport by friends or family.

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Trip planner that lets you share the itinerary with others.

Tripsy is a trip planner app for iOS that respects your privacy and let you share your trips with family and friends.

• Organize all trip in one app, offline access;

• Receive Flight Updates;

• Share your trip with family and friends

Rafael Kellermann Streit
Rafael Kellermann Streit- iOS Software Engineer
Tripsy is an iOS app to plan and share your itinerary with others. You can add all kind of activities into the app and it's not location based, so you're free to input your own locations and notes. You can also sync between devices, receive flights alerts and more!
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This release integrates Tripsy even more within your iOS device. Apple Watch This release includes a standalone Apple Watch application that allows you to travel with Tripsy without taking your iPhone with you all the time. The Apple Watch will always show you your next trip with all the activities on it, and you can...
We're incredibly excited to launch Tripsy, a new way to organize your travels on your iPhone and iPad. Tripsy came from a need of us having all travel information in one place: flights, hotels, calendar, museums, concert tickets, etc. The usual way to travel around is to carry all the information inside many different applications:...
We are very excited to release this update for you! ✈️ Automatic Flight Completion Adding a new Flight to Tripsy is easier than ever! Now you simply have to put the flight number (the one that is on your ticket) and the date of your departure and boom!
You know that family member or friend that asks for the details of the trip every five seconds (or so it seems) even though you just told them? Well, Tripsy is now your answer! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Share your trip You can now share and manage the entire travel itinerary in collaboration with everyone that's traveling with you....
In passato diversi sviluppatori hanno provato a creare un'app unica per la gestione dei viaggi. Il problema, spesso, era il business model. Provando a monetizzare con le affiliazioni, spesso queste app provavano a indirizzare l'utente verso determinate strade, come compagnie aeree o alberghi. Il risultato era un'app poco flessibile alle reali esigenze dei vi… See more
When traveling, especially abroad, there's a lot of data you need to keep handy such as flight information, hotel information, contact information for people, etc. I've been traveling quite a bit recently, mostly going to speak at conferences, and my preferred way to keep my travel info has been to just dump everything into a document in the Notes app.
O sentimento de uma viagem chegando é um dos mais legais que se pode ter; por outro lado, organizar tudo o que envolve a jornada pode ser bem complicado. Passagens, reservas de hotel, aluguel de carro, ingressos de passeios e muitos outros aspectos ficam jogados no seu email, em contas aleatórias na internet ou, para os mais tradicionais, em pastas com os do… See more
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6 Alternatives to Tripsy

YouLi is software for group travel leaders to ditch the spreadsheet and organise people, payments, tasks, documents and itineraries, all in one place. 💵✅📑🚀

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It's easy to get started with your first trip and scale as your business grows with white labelled solutions, teams and website integration. 🙌🌍

Who is this for?

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You Live to Travel
Used by travel organisers all over the world to gather groups that travel with purpose. YouLi makes payment and itinerary management easy and beautiful. Split payments across individuals and sub-groups, with each traveler paying a different price. All in one place.
You Live to Travel
Jeanette Cheah loves to help people grow and nudge great ideas towards reality. After spending 15 years innovating within corporate Australia, she co-founded The Hacker Exchange from her passion for startup education, diversity and community building led her to. The Hacker Exchange creates group trips from the next generation of Aussie founders to Silicon Va… See more
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