Alternative products to TLDR Stories

6 alternative and related products to TLDR Stories

TLDR Stories
Turn Google Slides presentations into shareable stories.
This alpha version works with simple slides (1 image, 1 title, 1 text):
1/ Copy and paste a Google Slides presentation url
2/ Click the “Storify” button
3/ Boom: you can share the presentation, adapted for mobile.
We'd love to hear your feedback and use cases!
6 Alternatives to TLDR Stories

Create Medium-like series, but embed/share them anywhere

Cereals are charming, media-rich stories that users tap right to read. Like Medium series, but shareable anywhere: from mobile to web, to iFrames, to Intercom messenger apps.

Create vegan recipes, cover letters, tutorials or in-product education, viewable on both mobile and browser

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Remember this post on Product Hunt that claimed you could add stories to your app in 1 line of code? Well, it was an April fool's joke. But we live in an amazing time, where some people just don't get the joke and start building it. Well, 👋 hey I'm that kind of guy!
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Create story-like versions of your posts and grow engagement

Use Story View to grab the attention of your visitors with a short attention span. Highlight the most important parts of your articles in a story-like format, with images and short sentences for better engagement.

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Feri Forgacs
Have you ever felt while reading an article that it would be great to get just a short summary of it to find out if it worth your time to read the whole thing? I had the same feeling while I was traveling home for a long weekend and was trying to catch up on the latest news about Avengers: Endgame.
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