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Timekit alternatives and competitors

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Timekit helps you build and deploy online booking flows to create a branded experience that grows your business by allowing you to connect with customers in new ways.

Top Timekit alternatives
  • Omnify is an all-in-one scheduling & management software. Whether you are a local or online business, you will never have to face scheduling issues again thanks to Omnify.

    Omnify provides all the tools you need to set-up an online service store, take bookings and collect payments thus giving your clients the best booking experience!

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    Omnify is magic !!!

  • Pick

    The simplest way to schedule a time to meet
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  • Meeting rooms are always taken when you need them the most?
    Joan on tablets lets you:
    Sync with your existing calendar
    ✅ Display meeting room status at the door
    ✅ Book on the spot
    ✅ Have an overview of room availability
    ✅ Provide weekly meeting analytics
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  • Robin Powered

    Manage your weekly schedule, from your morning spin class through your team meetings and dinner plans. New events created through Robin are instantly reflected on your existing calendars (and vice versa).
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  • Square Appointments

    Square Appointments is an all-in-one payments and scheduling platform built for individual sellers, now completely free.

    Businesses that use Square Appointments see an average 34% year-over-year increase in reservations.

    Send friendly, automatic SMS and email reminders.

    Square point of sale is built right in.

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  • Roombelt

    Roombelt reduces the confusion around meeting rooms in modern offices (ever experienced meeting room "theft"?).

    See room status, extend and cancel meetings right at the door. Quickly find another free room and book it for an ad-hoc meeting with a single tap.

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  • Robin

    Rooms that react. Analytics & automation for your office.
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  • Beenote

    Hold your meeting with clear agenda, follow-up on the team's tasks, minutes of meeting directory, high-security standard, conversation recording, personal notes, tasks and decision repertory. Integration to Microsoft 365, Teams and Google. >> TRY FOR FREE <<

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  • Meeting Fuse

    Booking meetings made simple
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  • OfficeMixer

    Free options
    Flexible working should not require more admin work by anyone, this is why we automated office bookings.
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  • Gleekr

    Get everyone's availability fast for your next meet up. Schedule your activity and stay in touch. With Gleekr you can:
    - Start a poll to get everyone's availability
    - Stay connected with chat
    - Keep everyone updated of activity changes
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  • Fynder

    Sell Appointments, Classes & Events Online
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