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Burner for the Snapchat generation

4 Alternatives to Tiki

Stop giving away your personal information

Truly disposable, easy to manage email addresses that protect you and your life from being constantly analysed and spammed to death.

Burner Emails helps you protect your inbox by providing virtual email addresses that forward all incoming emails to your personal account.

Alexandra Perşea
Alexandra Perşea- Software Engineer 👩🏻‍💻
Lets me create burner emails that forward to my personal inbox. No more unwanted spammy emails.
Alexandra Perşea
Alexandra Perşea- Software Engineer 👩🏻‍💻
You can create one inbox per user and read all your student's messages in burner mail app.
Really easy to use.
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Burner Emails is a free browser extension and web service that adds options to Firefox and Chrome to create throwaway email addresses. Spam is still a big issue on the Internet and while email providers like Google or Microsoft got better at identifying spam emails so that these don't even land in your inbox, it is still fair to say that most Internet users … See more
burner emails - Spam, that annoying, sometimes criminal practice, is older than the internet itself, but Burner Emails is a tool that finally gives users a way to ...
Technology Personalized
You've been signing up for internet services ever since you bought a connection, most of which were nothing more than a one-time thing. Those one-time things, though, still end up flooding your email's inbox with promotional messages which either stay there forever or if you're not a procrastinator like me, force you to unsubscribe or block manually.
Chrome and Firefox: There are plenty of reasons you might not want to give out your real email address when signing up for a site or service. Maybe you're really big on privacy; or, more likely, you just hate spam, and figure the fewer places that know your real email address, the better.
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Tag your friends Anonymously

Positive Anonymity - Connecting Can Be Fun!

Besty is the new anonymous app that is using groundbreaking automation to maintain positivity in its community.

Teens & other users can set tagged posts to self-destruct & generate feedback in real-time. This is an anonymous app developed for iOS with Generation Z in mind!

Relax! You're undercover.

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Besty is the new anonymous app that is using groundbreaking automation to maintain positivity in its community.
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