Alternative products to Thin Optics iPhone case

5 alternative and related products to Thin Optics iPhone case

Thin Optics iPhone case

Best iPhone case w/reading glasses

5 Alternatives to Thin Optics iPhone case

The toughest shell for iPhone is made of recycled jeans

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Solid Denim is made from layers of recycled denim fabric infused with a high performance resin. It looks and feels like denim, whilst having the toughness, flexibility and shock absorbing properties of a strong plastic. This is the perfect material for crafting a robust, stylish and tactile case for iPhone

10 Alternatives to Solid Denim Shell for iPhone by Mosevic

All-in-one case for iPhone with 2 SIMs, memory card +battery

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When the iPhone 7 debuted last month, people weren't exactly endeared to its sleek, headphone jack-less design. To compensate for the injustice brought on by the Airpod headphones ( on sale now) -- and the haphazard rollout of iOS 10 -- people have developed their own iPhone 7 solutions, inventing hardware in the form of headphone adaptors and some pretty in… See more
No matter you want to add more battery life, storage capacity or another SIM card, the Smartkase iPhone 7 battery case can help you with its built-in backup battery, microSD card slot and dual SIM support. Cool? Let's keep checking. The Smartkase comes in multiple models for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6/6s Plus.
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Perks of a PopSocket without the hump

Otter + Pop Phone Case is an iPhone case with a built in PopGrip.

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I have an OtterBox case on my phone, mostly because my five month old loves to knock my phone out of my hands. I also have a PopSocket on my phone, again, because my five month old loves to knock my phone out of my hands.
OtterBox announced at CES 2019 today that it is partnering with PopSockets on a case designed specifically with PopGrips in mind. PopSockets are the incredibly popular plastic circles that people are attaching to the back of their iPhones. The new "Otter + Pop" case from OtterBox + PopSockets aims to fix a few of the biggest annoyances with the concept...
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It's a union you never could have expected. OtterBox and PopSockets announced a partnership today in the form of an OtterBox phone case with a built-in PopGrip. But wait, there's more: the PopGrip can handle swappable PopTops, so users can customize their PopTop's look.
5 Alternatives to Otter + Pop Phone Case
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