Alternative products to The Side Project Scoring Tool

The Side Project Scoring Tool

A system to help creative people pick the right idea

9 alternative and related products to The Side Project Scoring Tool

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8 Alternatives to Transferslot 2.0


The playful way to become seriously creative.

Wonder trains your creative and idea skills. There are no theories to learn, just games to play. Become your team's creative genius by playing with Wonder.

Creativity is just like anything else. To be great at it you need to practice. Wonder is an idea workout that gets you making new connections between thoughts.

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The ultimate dartscoreboard!

Arras is your ultimate companion while playing darts, it's the dartscorer you need. Throw your darts and fill in your scores and Arras will do the rest. It will keep track of all your averages, scores and a load of different stats.

Create a match with the option you like. Choose between one and four players and even play against a bot or yourself

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