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10 alternative and related products to The Bond Travel Briefcase

The Bond Travel Briefcase
Quality leather bags that organise all your daily essentials

The Bond Travel Briefcase & Everyday Padfolio combines quality leatherwork with effortless organization for your daily essentials. All at a fair price. Inspired by James Bond.

10 Alternatives to The Bond Travel Briefcase

Versatile & beautiful bags based on the Everyday Messenger

Joseph Brueggen
Joseph Brueggen- Product & Visual Designer
I've had the Everyday Backpack for a little over a year, and it's proven to be an incredible product. Extremely durable, spacious, versatile... beautifully and cleverly designed. In the past year, it's been mountain hiking, kayaking, through a couple conferences, and through quite a lot of travel. It still looks and works like brand new. This is a top-notch … See more
Willie Morris
Willie Morris- Formerly Amazon, Boeing, and Faithbox
I love the everyday backpack - it's meant to be geared towards photography, but it's incredibly versatile even you aren't carrying around cameras. Huge fan.
31 Alternatives to The Everyday Backpack, Tote, and Sling

The Warby Parker for luxury leather bags

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Fast Company
Linjer, an under-the-radar brand known primarily to people obsessed with minimalistic design, has generated $10 million after just three years of being in business. Founded by San Francisco entrepreneurs Jennifer Chong and Roman Khan, the brand has managed to cultivate a cult following of online fans who are willing to crowdfund their latest leather watch an… See more
The Hustle
EDITOR'S NOTE: Linjer has revealed that they are launching a collection of watches. Visit their website to learn more. I'm baffled why so many startup founders have the mindset of "raise lots of funding" and "make zero profit." I've never understood that. Don't businesses want to make something people want and then profit from their ...
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Every bag provides one month of education for a young girl

Olori means Queen in the Yoruba language, symbolizing every girl’s inherent worth and power. We make handbags that make women feel strong, confident & secure. We work with women-owned businesses to help preserve unique craftsmanship & regain influence in a woman-driven industry. Every product sold provides tuition fees for an underprivileged girl.

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Before Tomide Awe ever thought about designing handbags, she was thinking about how she could use her own skills to improve girls' education in Africa. Awe herself grew up in Nigeria, a place where, according to the brand, a girl has a chance of not going to school.
More than 130 million girls around the world lack access to education. Gender disparities are among the highest in parts of Africa, where 9.5 million girls will never step foot in a school compared to 5 million boys. In Nigeria, girls ages 15-24 have a 58 percent literacy rate - nearly 18 percent lower than their male counterparts.
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