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11 alternative and related products to Tellonym

Anonymous and honest feedback

Tellonym is a platform for anonymous feedback. It's currently trending among German teens.

11 Alternatives to Tellonym

Crowdsourced resources from tech, design, & startup.

Symphosis a crowdsourced knowledge platform that allows you to share and curate resources about topics such as design, startup, programming, crypto, or AI.

Curate decks of cards, upvote/star decks and share that with others in the community or people in your network.

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A platform to make sharing Easy, Fun, and Collaborative Learning something new, by yourself, is challenging. It requires one to create a self-directed roadmap and find best resources to learn it online. I truly became a testament to this problem I dropped out of college .
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An anonymous mental health support community 🦋

Curated, moderated, and private, the Trill Project is an app that fosters high-quality communities built upon support rather than judgment. Our users are confident in their safety and benefit from hearing others from around the globe share and relate to their honest thoughts.

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Private and anonymous discussions for your workplace

Secret Saucer is an anonymous space for colleagues to share and discuss things about their workplace. Here, employees are free to speak their mind without being afraid of negative consequences. We require that you have access to your company email every time you sign in. Only current employees get in, making discussions private and relevant!

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Curated mental health resources for makers

Revitalize is a mental health resource directory for makers and remote workers. We split mental health resources by various categories, such as personal growth, online meditation, hotlines, and Twitter accounts.

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The Pragli Blog
An online office is a virtual representation of an office - a space where teammates can meet, work together, and bond. Used primarily by or with remote workers, online offices achieve the benefits of an office without physically forcing people to commute to and work in the same space.
The Pragli Blog
In this article, I explain how we added live avatars to our app to help teammates feel more present with one another on distributed teams. Pragli is an online office for remote workers. In Pragli, I wanted a way for teammates to feel present together when working, without invading privacy.
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