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10 alternative and related products to TaleHunt

Start reading tiny tales on your mobile
10 Alternatives to TaleHunt

Create Medium-like series, but embed/share them anywhere

Cereals are charming, media-rich stories that users tap right to read. Like Medium series, but shareable anywhere: from mobile to web, to iFrames, to Intercom messenger apps.

Create vegan recipes, cover letters, tutorials or in-product education, viewable on both mobile and browser

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Remember this post on Product Hunt that claimed you could add stories to your app in 1 line of code? Well, it was an April fool's joke. But we live in an amazing time, where some people just don't get the joke and start building it. Well, 👋 hey I'm that kind of guy!
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A simple app to read a different short story everyday.

Get a different short story everyday.

Read it.

Pick up your reading habit.

Get the reader’s high with our short short stories written by renowned authors - and with a regularly updated range of genres there’s something for everyone. Download 5 Minute Reader today!

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Read somebody's story or share your own story to the world

Life is about sharing stories next to the camp fire with friends, in a bar late at night or stuck in traffic. Humanity for as long as history goes back, has been sharing stories. Its the reason we are where we are today as a race. It is what connects us and brings us closer together. That is what life is about, SHARING STORIES.

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