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The minimal, versatile, handheld tripod.

SwitchPod is lightweight, compact, and nearly indestructible tripod. It will save you valuable time between shots so you can focus more on shooting and less on messing with your gear.

8 Alternatives to SwitchPod

Vixari is an alternative for the actual products on the market which are heavy, hard to carry around and most of them support one device. Using a selfie stick issmetimes an option but they limit you to the close angle shots and unnatural pose. For the pasionate traveler and the storytellers, we created Vixari: sleek, light and comfortable to carry.

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Designers of a new ultra-portable tripod have raised more than $90,000 in 24 hours on Kickstarter to launch their product. This tripod is the key to helping you take better photos on-the-go and will change the way we take selfies forever. Leading tripods on the market are often heavy, difficult to use, bulky, and inconvenient to carry.
If long exposure photography and/or photos that aren't blurry are your thing, then chances are you might have already invested in a tripod. However for the casual photographer, bringing a huge tripod with them on the go isn't exactly ideal, and while there are small pocketable tripods, their size also means that they have short legs which can be a bit limiti… See more
The Vixari tripod is perfect for the photography buff in your life! It's the most portable, versatile tripod on the market. It's designed to support virtually any camera, from DSLRs to smartphones to GoPros! Setup is quick and easy, and you can take the tripod anywhere!
A new tripod called Vixari is attempting to launch on Kickstarter, where it is billed as "the world's most portable tripod." Vixari has an ultra-portable foldable design that's only a little bigger than a smartphone, but despite its ultra-compact size, Vixari is still able to handle large cameras, including DSLRs that weigh up to 2kg / 4.4lbs.
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More often than not, tripods are heavy, bulky, and usually cost you a lot of luggage space when you travel even when folded. Enter Vixari - a lightweight and easy-to-store tripod that can fit conveniently inside your bag. Vixari measures... Continue Reading →
8 Alternatives to Vixari
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