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23 Alternatives to Swell

Dialog is a community dedicated to live, spoken conversation online.

Social media has become toxic. Dialog is different.

🎙 Your Voice - connect in the most human way

👯‍ Interactive Conversations - not just a broadcast

✊ Control - to keep conversations safe and civil

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A start-up isn't a 'company' in the traditional sense; it's a learning machine, says serial entrepreneur Daniel Debow (Rotman JD/MBA '00). THE NEWS IS BOTH DISCOURAGING AND ENCOURAGING for today's would-be entrepreneurs. First the bad news: Nine out of 10 start-ups fail.
When it comes to entrepreneurship and innovation, Daniel Debow knows what's up. He's been on the founding team of three companies, two of which have now been acquired. His current venture, Helpful, is a video messenger service for professionals, and given Debow's track record, will likely be highly successful.
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Collect opinions from your friends within seconds

Swelly is FB's biggest social polling community.

Make fast and fun decisions with friends while earning rewards and ranking in our leaderboard. 🐳

🏆 +30 funny rewards to duel with friends and followers

😎 Get a certain status based on your voting behaviour.

📈 Engage, rank up in our leaderboard and compare with friends on a weekly, monthy or all time base.

👉🏻 Go and get started!

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Guess what? Swelly is now even more colourful and fun! Go on a mission and collect all missing items for Swelly. 🕵🏻‍ There is a brand new upgrade⚡️ for our over 6 million users that makes using Swelly even more fun! 🎉 Let me introduce you: Swelly Rewards and Leaderboard!
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Create polls on the go, share and see the result

Rapidpoll is a web app that let you create polls on the go; it is perfect to know the opinion of others on topics of your interest... you can search polls that can lead you to take desitions, like for example if you're planning a trip you can ask the community some suggestions on the number of days or a place to visit.

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Unlimited polls, free forever
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Group Decisions Made Easy. Create polls, vote, and view the results directly in iMessage
Whether you’re picking a lunch spot or making Friday night plans, Polls for iMessage makes coordinating easier than ever

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Group Decisions Made Easy. Create polls, vote, and view the results directly in iMessage. Whether you're picking a lunch spot or making Friday night plans, Polls for iMessage makes coordinating easy. - Features - - Create polls, vote, and view the results in iMessage- Updates to the poll are shown at the bottom of your conversation for everyone to see- Chang… See more
Among the multiple chat apps available today, iMessage on an iOS device has retained its value as users rely on its privacy and security. From time to time, Apple has introduced new features to its popular iMessage. However, group chat users have unanimously asked for poll creation feature in iMessage.
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5 Alternatives to Polls for iMessage

Get Feedback, signup your subscribers, easily decide your next product and more.

Embed your Polls and Forms on Medium with Pollsify Cards

Create a card(Poll or a Signup Form) and embed it in your website, blog or Medium Story.

Works Great!!

Still in BETA

Rishabh Mehan
Rishabh Mehan
This is Free!! You can create simple polls asking your customers their valuable opinion. This is the perfect use case for Pollsify and we thrive to serve this use case as well as we can. Also, this is pretty new so we might get the customizations as per your needs. Give it a try.
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Pollsify aimed to provide polls for everyone as a way to be objective in making decisions. In some scenarios being objective it really helpful. Pollsify started as a side project and grew as a social app, providing it's user a mobile experience to create and share polls among their friends on different social networks like Snapchat, Facebook, Whatsapp and ot… See more
10 Alternatives to Pollsify - Simple Polls & Signup Forms

Find out what the world thinks.

ThisThat's goal is to be the fastest and most trusted way to make decisions and get answers to questions you're curious about. We launched on iOS at the start of 2019, with Android coming in Q4. We're releasing major features each month through the summer.

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Create simple, anonymous, social polls in an instant

With Pollster, you can create and share simple, instant, anonymous social polls to seek and share opinions based on common interests from people all over the world for free.

Post polls publicly based on common interest or privately within a group of people who follow each other. It's noise free, troll free and less boring.

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