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11 alternative and related products to Summize

Get a summary of virtually anything in seconds
11 Alternatives to Summize

An AI tool that researches and summarizes any topic for you

Just type a URL or term you want to search for. If it is a URL, Gamayun will extract the text, read it, summarize it and present you with the summary.

If it isn't, Gamayun will search the web for it, read everything that can be found, summarize it and present you the summary, the original sources and the original texts.

11 Alternatives to Gamayun

A blockchain-powered bot that summarizes information for you

SummarizeBot is a AI and Blockchain-powered chatbot that analyzes a document, weblink or multimedia file, extracts its main ideas and puts them into a short summary.

Joe Cash6
Joe Cash6
Help me to read long articles, avoid information noise and easy prepare my essays.
Joe Cash6
Joe Cash6
SummarizeBot can extract the most important information, keywords and key fragments from different types of files. This makes the chatbot a real time saver for students, teachers and everyone who has to read a lot but doesn't have enough time for it. SummarizeBot supports web-links, documents, images and audio summarization. Teachers can introduce it to stu… See more
SummarizeBot saves students time and helps them to be more productive.
15 Alternatives to SummarizeBot

Summary - Automatic Text Summarizer

With the exponential growth of the internet, people often find themselves overwhelmed with data and information which in most cases is textual.

Summary solves this issue by automatically summarizing text without affecting it’s meaning using a unique ML algorithm.

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What's your background and how did you come up with the idea for your project? I am currently a 17-year-old grade 12 student in India. My father has always had a keen interest in technology and maybe this is the reason why I was deeply interested in this field.
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