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Stemi Hexipod

A robot you can create on your own, at home

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Customizable race cars for STEM

RaceYa educates, entertains and inspires kids through play. Our customizable, programmable radio-controlled car is a hands-on vehicle for STEM connected to a digital community that lets kids share their creations and challenges them to develop skills from engineering to robotics.

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World's first smart dancing robot speaker 🕺🤖🔊

Dancebot is the world’s first smart dancing robot speaker.

Connect your device to Dancebot via Bluetooth and play use it as a speaker. Dancebot will move to the audio it plays. The movement expressed by Dancebot depends on the audio it plays. Besides playing music, Dancebot can be used to play audiobooks, videos, podcasts or even voice messages.

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Most smart speakers simply just sit on your desktop or table streaming audio, however the Dancebot smart speaker created by Aplus Drones can also entertain you by dancing. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the dancing robot speaker.
Expressive robot speaker connects with any Bluetooth-capable device and converts any type of audio played in real time into motion using intelligent algorithm to drive the feet of the robot using bionics technology HOUSTON - Aplus Drones is pleased to announce the launch of Dancebot, a smart dancing robot speaker designed with intelligent algorithm technolog… See more
Here is a cute little robot that dances as it plays your favorite audio content. The Dancebot taps its little feet and jives to your tunes. You can feed it all kinds of music, audiobooks, and anything else you can think of. Dancebot relies on a smart algorithm to determine the right dance move based ...
It is always cute to have a companion that keeps you company throughout your day, it's hard to have a pet, so the next best option is a robot. Not any robot, but a robot that sings and dances for you. The Dancebot is a generally a Bluetooth speaker that dances according to the audio ...
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What's the best robot to introduce a nine-year-old girl to programming and robotics?

Sean Atkisson
SparkFun - Bits and Pieces to Make Electronics Projects Possible
"This product has a review of 4 ⭐'s by a " verified purchaser " that says, " My 9 year old built this with some help from me. It was a thril… See more
Stemi Hexipod - A robot you can create on your own, at home
"It's a robot she can program herself, in Croatia kids love it! - first batch is sold out but you can register to preorder new ones."
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