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Startup Stash

A curated directory of 400 resources & tools for startups

59 alternative products to Startup Stash

Marketing Stack

A curated directory of marketing resources & tools

dimitar inchev- Team Coworkies &
Here you can find the best in each category.
Ben Tossell- Community Lead, Product Hunt
I'm biased because I made this but I put together some useful marketing tools in different categories that I recommended
Anne-Laure Le Cunff- Founder @ Lysa. Ex-Google.
This is an amazing list of tools you can use to market your business, lots of them free. The Growth Marketing section in particular has an extensive collection of websites and services you should have a look at.
Ben Tossell- Community Lead, Product Hunt
@andrewquarrie - thanks!! Uhmm I have tried to steer clear of outsourcing tools. This is hopefully to encourage people to do it themselves. Looks like a great tool though and I will add it to my review list nevertheless :)

Content Marketing Stack

A curated directory of content marketing resources

Nicolas Nemni- Software Product Manager
Content Marketing Stack is an actionable collection of the best resources you need to craft and execute a successful Content Marketing. Seven years ago Seth Godin (@ThisIsSethsBlog) said: “[Content Marketing] is all the marketing that’s left.” Today with Content Marketing, you can achieve 2,900%+ ROI. I tried my best to select the best only. So the point … See more

Startup Collections

Resources & tools for entrepreneurs, designers & developers

Giray Girisken
Thank you @keyul for hunting Startup Collections. Startup Collections provides resources and tools for entrepreneurs, designers, developers and marketers to help them save time, energy and money. I was making lists for myself to use on my own side-projects or to build MVPs to test some ideas. Then I decided to categorize the tools and make a website to hel… See more

Freelancer Stack

Curated directory of tools used by 10,000+ freelancers

Eddie Kollar- I like the technology things.
They've created various categories of tools and listed them out. Good for an overview to start exploring.
Matt Brown- Co-Founder, Bonsai (
Hey Product hunters, excited to launch the Freelance Stack! It's incredible how many different tools freelancers rely on. When you're a business of one, you're responsible for your own marketing, accounting, legal, etc, not to mention the tools to do your actual work. Our users kept pinging us for recommendations on different tools, so we compiled tho… See more


$6k of discounts for the best startup tools for only $39

Dylan Feltus- Designer and Entrepreneur
Hey Product Hunters! Mike, Fred and I have been working on this project for a few months and are super excited to finally release it into the wild! FoundersKit is a bundle of the best resources and tools to help founders launch and build startups. The bundle consists of 63 deals which are valued at $6,103. We're planning to add deals over time to keep the … See more

Startup Rocket Framework

Framework to help entrepreneurs w/ the first critical steps

Jarod Stewart- Sr. Software Engineer, Yonomi
I've been using this kinda with a grain of salt but definitely helps frame the right questions. Helps validate your idea, recruit your team, design and build your product, acquire customers, iterate toward Product-Market Fit, and successfully bootstrap or land funding.
Will Little- Managing Director at Prota Ventures
Thanks @dredurr! Hey Product Hunt! Startup Rocket was birthed out of the frustration of re-inventing the wheel every time we, the partners and advisors behind Prota Ventures, started validating a new idea, building a team, launching a product, and accelerating a business to a place where it made sense to raise capital. On the other side of the table, it a… See more


150+ resources to power up your Slack

Marwann- CMO @ Hellojam
Thanks for hunting us @bramk! We thought of SlackStack as a way to give back to the Product Hunt community. As we're always monitoring what happens on Slack, we had a lot of resources in our faves and thought it would be cool to share them with people instead of keeping it for ourselves. It was indeed inspired by Startup Stash, so it's an honour for us … See more


The ultimate tool to plan & launch your product

aravin damo
Thank you Kevin for hunting us. We are grateful for your support. Hello Hunters, Thanks for your time and enthusiasm. We built EdisonPlan significantly based on the book “Disciplined Entrepreneurship” authored by Bill Aulet. Despite reading so many popular books on entrepreneurship, I ended up making products that could never attract a single paying cus… See more

The 25 Days of Ideas

Free resources for coming up with startup ideas

Evan Kimbrell- Founder, Sprintkick
Thanks @jwmares and hello PH, Everyone here celebrates good ideas that turn into great products. But I bet that a lot of people feel left out when they don’t have an idea that they’re really passionate about pursuing. So why not, I put together a collection of free videos and resources to help anyone come up with a startup idea. Because what else was I supp… See more


Documents = Webpages = Presentations

Sam Rye- Founder
Has a content marketing template. Very lightweight. Not really good enough for what I'm after, but it's there.
Moin Uddin- Creator/Developer
Includes business plan and many other pre-made docs.
Alper Cakir- CEO, Xtensio
Hello Product Hunters! We are a creative team working with startups every day. As a big part of our job, we go through various exercises to define UX/UI design direction, branding and marketing strategy. We've been creating templates to streamline our process. With Xtensio, we turned them into free interactive tools: - User Persona Creator - One Pager Bui… See more


Directory of free resources/tools for non-tech entrepreneurs

Sam Dickie- Product Manager & Founder
A shameless personal recommendation, but it does have literally hundreds of free tools and resources. All of which have been tested by yours truly! Any questions give me a shout Joao! 👌🏻
Sam Dickie- Product Manager & Founder
Over 100+ free curated tools for entrepreneurs! Made by me 😉
Sam Dickie- Product Manager & Founder
Hi Product Hunters! NoCode is a curated directory of the best free resources and tools that can help you create your startup. NoCode specifically only features resources and tools that anyone can use no matter what your background or prior experience. NoCode scours the internet and selects the best free resources and tools so you can focus on creating … See more

Startup Fundraising

A collection of tools & resources for startup fundraising

Jack Kaufman- Entrepreneur
Thanks for hunting this, @bnjmnlbr! I'm the maker of Startup Fundraising. It has more than 200 resources that will help you learn how to raise funding for your startup. If you have any questions about this directory I'd be more than happy to answer them!

The Business Academy

Learn how to start, build and grow your own business

Josh Pigford- Founder of Baremetrics, maker of beards.
I've been business-ing for the better part of a decade and if I've learned anything in that time it's that I know very little. There are so many facets of business that I just know very little about and I've benefited immensely from the content others have put out to help me learn how to not be terrible at building businesses (though I guess the jury is stil… See more

Stash of List

Curated list of all stash sites and lists

Salman Khan- Made @stashoflist
Stash of List is a curated directory of all stash & lists (inspired by Startup Stash, Marketing stack, etc..). I saw many types of curated directories popping out in almost every day and I like them all but it's not easy to remember all these names so initially, I started stashoflist for using myself, and then I thought it will be cool if I share this w… See more


Discover online tools that other startups use

Jorrit B.
I'm excited to be on Product Hunt with Toolbird. @_jacksmith, thanks for the hunt. My goal is to help startups and entrepreneurs with finding the right set of tools. From my experience I know how difficult, but essential, this search is. Fixed lists with tools never fit your own situation, so we've developed Toolbird to share this knowledge in continuous-liv… See more

Website Builders

All the tools you need to build your dream project

Saijo George- Digital Marketer
Thanks for the hunt @riaface. Its pretty awesome to get another one of my side project on PH. What is it? It's a curated list of builders that will help you make websites, apps, logos, PPT, resumes and much much more. If I missed your favorite tool from this list please drop me a message via the comments below or on Twitter.

Sales List by

A curated list of tools & resources for salespeople

Will- Over-indexing on curiosity
This is a great starting point. I would also check out any of the "stacks" such as Startup Stash, Growth Tools, Startup Collections, or go to "Stash of List" where they do a great job of aggregating all of these.
Ruggiero Vincenzo- Founder @prospectio
Hey hunters! Really happy to see Sales List featured here on PH :) I hope we'll get a lot of feedback and suggestions on this. Also, feel free to click on the "Submit" link in the footer if you know a great sales resource that are not yet on the website.
Koh Jing Yu- Developer. Student.
Hello everyone! A lot of stash/stack sites have been popping up lately. These sites are mostly directory sites that hosts curated lists of great resources. I love the idea of these "stashes" and find that they are a great way to discover and organize resources and links. I built as a way to allow any user to easily start their own stash, to allo… See more

Help Me Build

Discover high quality tools to build awesome things

Saijo George- Digital Marketer
Thanks @erictwillis. My 2nd side project on ProductHunt, this feels awesome :) helps you discover amazing DIY tools, that can help you build your dream websites, logos, graphics, videos and a lot more, all in one location. Feel free to suggest more categories or products to me via the comments here or via twitter :)
Victor blomberg- Self-employed | Web Developer
Hey Producthunters! I am so happy to be featured here! This website came out of my entrepreneurial curiosity and my love of learning. I have always searched for the best tools to use and blogs to read. This website helps entrepreneurs find awesome content and resources around the web. I have selected 8 different categories and over 1000 resources. I truly… See more


Curated resources to build an online business with no code

Rohan Mahtani- Entrepreneur
Hello Product Hunt! Firstly, a massive thank you to @bramk for the hunt and for the inspiration with Startup Stash. Instamake is a curated collection of resources that helps you quickly create your online business/idea without code or get inspiration for a new project. Each category represents a different kind of online business/startup and each tool helps… See more


Search for and discover online tools

Cyprian Ciećkiewicz- CEO/Founder @
@nickatloot "I use it" is separate from "voteup". "I use it" is designed for people who can share their usage experience, whereas "voteup" is for expressing interest in a tool. For "I use it" data to show up we need at least 10 of them. We will then display the rating for "setup process" and "ease of use" separately​.
Apple App Store
Deals and reviews for online tools! The best resources for startups, developers, designers, entrepreneurs, enterprises, geeks, travelers and everyone looking to improve their business and lifestyle. Find the right tool for the right job! Tell us what more you need at

Tool Watcher

Web app & Startup Consulting Services for entrepreneurs

Marita Sword
We have collected a lot of feedback from users an our goal for this year is to re design the site. Tool Watcher is a unique experience you browse through tools on your own, but our vision is to be a consultant for early stage startups that are in need of all types of tools. Project Management tools, CRM tools, HR etc. We have realized that a lot of time and … See more


A curated directory of the best newsletters

Tejas Kinger- SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc
Check out Newsletter Stash. They have a collection of some of the best newsletters out there!
ossama benallouch- Web/Android Dev.
@daveambrose Would you please add this to your collection?
+50 Comments 2.0

Knowledge community of over 1 million startup founders

Wil Schroter- Founder + CEO,
Really excited to share our first step toward building out the community. When we were building this site we thought about many of you on PH and other forums where Founders come together to share what they are working on. While there's always a lot of glory around getting big headlines and landing huge funding rounds, our site and our community… See more


A collection of articles to help build your startup

Karim- Goal: Make Learning Addictive
Hi guys, maker here. This was/is an experimental service where I didn't necessarily wanted to 'launch' but rather test a couple of things. Since it's hunted I might as well open it up for more feedback. Here's what I was testing: 1) The interest level of an article directory tailored to startups, to help spread educational content that help entrepreneurs in… See more

Startup Hand

Yelp for startup tools and resources

Nate Legler- Farmer, Founder, Cattle Producer
@_jacksmith Thanks for the hunt! I replied to some early and well deserved feedback but wanted to just give a better explanation about StartupHand. The idea was to create an offspring if Yelp and PH made something. It allows anyone to submit their resource (should say Add Resource). There are tons and tons of great resources on StartupStash and Marketing … See more


Best recommendations for startup founders

Taylor Cheng- Founder
Huge thank you to @erictwillis for the hunt! We created Yeti as a platform of experts to share experiences and recommendations. For example, if you're starting a startup, you'll want the best advice you can find on what (not) to do. Yeti is a curation of recommendations for any topic. Avoid common mistakes and find relevant advice from others who have "been… See more


Curated knowledge platform for startup & tech professionals

Jiwon J- CEO @Mybridge
@pianologos Unlocking features / rewards system is a good idea. One thing we're doing is allowing users to add more skills when they reach certain level. Any specific example of grouping people within a similar skill group? Like Slack channel where they can chat on real-time?

Case Study Club

A collection of inspiring case studies for makers

Vinish Garg- Co-founder @In23Hours @ContentHug
For any design agency, it is very important to show how they are doing great work for their clients. So when you plan to pitch to bigger clients (as part of your growth strategy), you can prepare case studies as references. Pawel of wrote a wonderful post on writing winning case studies, check out:
Anne-Laure Le Cunff- Founder @ Lysa. Ex-Google.
If you're looking for inspiration, Case Study Club offers lots of them about UI and UX too.
Jan Wennesland- Digital designer
Thanks for posting this! Paperboy looks great, but what differentiates Case Study Club is that it is more design focused. At least that was my initial idea. How I decide? I guess great content will do it :) Great article, thanks for submitting! I will probably have to add a career filter. Not quite sure how to solve it as more content gets added. Open to su… See more


Share your favourite tools and find new ones you’ll love

Utku Can- Product @MOO @OffsetHQ
Thanks @wanghq. I think it was Victor Hugo who said you can't fight an idea whose time has come. Perhaps this is one such idea. I think your collection is really interesting, mainly because the language is very much around hackers, startups and building things. In terms of where Stacks differs, I would like us to build a product that's more accessible to a… See more

NextView Platform

Resources dedicated to helping startups w/ initial traction

Jay Acunzo- Creator/Host, Unthinkable Podcast
Hey everyone, as this is going to be a living, growing hub, I'd love to know what resources we should curate onto it + create from scratch (or maybe easier: what questions/challenges during a startup's traction-gaining phase we can address next). Thanks!


Find Apps & Tools Perfect for Your Small Business

Robb Lejuwaan- Founder at Bluhook Marketing
Hi everyone, I'm Robb, the Founder of Moblized. Go ahead and add your feedback or ask me anything. The idea for Moblized started way back in late 2009 when @pistachio built the Twitter app marketplace I loved that site; it was meeting a real need because there was a crazy amount of Twitter apps back then. Five years later we have a similar… See more


Curated Resources, Tool Finder and Free Stack for Mobile App

Pritesh Vora- Co-Founder,,
Thanks @kwdinc for hunting us. Hello Hunters, Pritesh this side. GD Singh and I created, a hand curated list of 300+ best mobile app tools and resources to grow you app users to millions and more. These resources have been handpicked and features the top 10 - 15 resources from each category, whenever you need :) Its inspiration came from ma… See more


Index of best articles to build & grow your startup

Arun Agrahri- Founder & CEO -
Thanks for the hunt Benji! I'd love to hear your thoughts and I’m here to answer any questions. Radium is an index of the best articles to build and grow your startup. It already indexes 2,500+ articles (and growing every week) on topics including product, design, growth, fundraising, mobile, leadership, etc I built Radium to bring all my favorite content … See more

YoGrow Ecommerce Stack

A curated list of the best tools for your online store

Elliot (Raison)- Founder of YoGrow
Hello I'm Elliot from YoGrow. We've just launched the ECommerce Stack, a curated directory of services and tools used by online stores. I'm here to answer your questions about what we're upto. In a nutshell, the stack shows what you can use with your online store. You can also vote up the tool or service that you use. We've been inspired by the stacks out th… See more

What is your best find on Product Hunt?

Asked by Kesava MandigaCurious cat. Writer. Explorer.
Hemingway Editor 3.0 - Make your writing bold and clear, send to Medium/Wordpress
"If it's an important business message (CEO, Partner-level), Hemingway makes sure your message is to the point."
OneTab - Save 95% memory by converting all your open tabs into a list
"Life-saving tool for those of us who think nothing of having 70 open tabs...."
Toby - Organize your browser tabs
"Great way to organize many tabs."

What tools do you use (have used) to create your startup (Idea to product launch)?

Asked by RamResearching about the 'Startups'
Value Proposition Design - Book: Follow up to Business Model Generation
"Value Proposition Design helps you tackle a core challenge of every business — creating compelling products and services customers want to … See more

What are your favorite tools to validate, build, and launch your startup?

Asked by Jared SilverEdtech Product Person & Web Developer
Breezy HR - Modern Recruiting Software - Trello for Recruiting. Start your free trial.
"Great products & companies are built with great teams. Breezy makes it easy to attract and hire them. What's even better? You can use … See more
WebFlow - Create responsive sites without writing any code.
"One of my favorite site builders!"
Good Email Copy - Email copy from great companies.
"For when you inevitably build up an email list, here's a great directory of email copy from companies like Slack, Pinterest, and Trello."

What product on Product Hunt do you wish you had launched?

Asked by Ben TossellCommunity Lead, Product Hunt
Product Hunt - is for product people
Slack - Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search.
"For it's versatility, ease of use and with all the integrations to other apps and programs this is an invaluable team tool."
Stripe Atlas - The best way to start an internet business
"Anything that these guys produce is a game changer! they are not only forward thinkers, they reinvent to wheel to be better than when it wa… See more
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