Alternative products to Squarelink

6 alternative and related products to Squarelink

Sign blockchain transactions with just an email and password

Squarelink is the first access tool for blockchain apps and services that enables users to securely recover lost private keys. Users can sign up, sign in, and sign transactions using just an email and password - without a server ever touching a private key.

6 Alternatives to Squarelink

🔐Decentralized password manager for teams on Blockstack

🔐 BLOCKVAULT is a decentralized alternative to 1Password. Keep your passwords and credit cards secured with the power of Blockstack.

- Secure: runs exclusively on your device

- Decentralized: you control where your data is hosted

- Encrypted: your data is encrypted with keys that only you hold

- Shareable: be sure only your teammates have access

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Product Hunt
A few months ago, Maker Bruno Costa participated in the #24hrstartup Challenge and built Blockvault. The idea? A more secure, data-portable alternative to 1Password. When Blockvault launched on Product Hunt, Bruno explained that the difference between his product and other password managers was simple: "The short answer is: it's enhanced by the power of Bloc… See more
5 Alternatives to Blockvault

Payment and ID without sharing personal data

Nuggets is an e-commerce payments & ID platform. It stores your personal & payment data securely in the blockchain, so you never have to share it with anyone – not even Nuggets. That means no more data breaches – because companies don’t have to store your data. So you can make payments & use services without worrying about your privacy or security.

9 Alternatives to Nuggets
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