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Sprint Week by

Behind the scenes of Kevin Rose's Zero app design sprint

Learn how professional teams make extraordinary progress in just one week. Every day this week we're taking you behind the scenes of a design sprint for Kevin Rose's app Zero led by Design Agency AJ&Smart.

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Startup Mixtape

A directory of the best business podcast episodes ever

Omer Molad- Co-founder and CEO @ Vervoe
This is a pretty cool option. I use it to search for podcasts.
Simon Huang- Xberts Founder & YC Alum
awesome product
Vikas Jha- Digital Entrepreneur & Ex- VC
The Best way to while away your time, yet work while you are whiling away your time. Covers a wide range of topic from marketing to sales to probably everything that a start up would need. A definite pick !
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Late Confirmation

The top stories in blockchain, delivered daily from CoinDesk

CoinDesk is thrilled to announce the launch of Late Confirmation, a daily podcast looking at the top stories in the blockchain world. We’ll be breaking down crypto's biggest stories about markets, technology, currencies, or anything else with CoinDesk reporters and figuring out what it all means.

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A podcast about design, dev, business, family and fun.

Gabe Grimley
Design, development, running a business - it's all in here. They're not the best at consistent output, but the conversations had are great.
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