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Spells of Genesis

Blockchain based mobile trading card game

3 Alternatives to Spells of Genesis

An app store for mobile blockchain games

Krypton citizens together with the Planetary Management Committee are involved in the construction of the planet, formulation of rules, production and distribution of digital assets and development of applications based on Krypton. Launched on 4/30/18, we have 1.2M users, 50K-100K DAUs, 400K wallet addresses and 30K transactions/day.

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As an example of our success in launching our game overseas in the US, we reached #1 product of the day on product hunt. Without any paid marketing or PR we achieved this milestone.
After raising an angel round from notable investors like Inno-Angel, Tsinghua Blockchain Capital, Danhua Capital and AC accelerator, we are now
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4 Alternatives to Krypton

Find out whose bots army is the best

CryptoBots is a blockchain-based game to find out whose bots army is the best. Info about the bots is stored on the Ethereum network, and the rules of the game are governed by several smart contracts. The bottom line of the game is quite simple: Build the best Bot army in the world.

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As the world has got into the era of blockchain based everything, it was no surprise for the gaming industry to follow them into, perhaps, the most hyped IT-subsection right now.
by CRYPTOBOTS TEAM All the active population of the Earth will remember the year 2017 for the hype in cryptocurrency: the incredible increase of Bitcoin rates, cases of sudden enrichment and financial ruin of investors and players in cryptocurrency stocks. This field is rather risky and unpredictable: you can win a lot and you can lose everything.
Join cryptobots.m e What are Battles? Your bot is fighting with other players' bots. The battles winner is rewarded with a new bot possessing a unique module. The strongest bots will be displayed in the Hall of Fame! The way to start a Battle Go to the "Battles" section, select the bot and click the 'start' button.
Medium Cryptobots will conquer the world In this article, we'll give you step-by-step instructions on how to play the CryptoBOTS game in which you can collect, buy and sell bots. You can manufacture them and get offspring, and you can also upgrade an outdated bot and even arrange an online BATTLE between armies of bots.
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Send unique crypto eCards for charity

Radi.Cards is a fun way to support radically good NGOs that fight to keep our freedom alive.

RadiCards is open source, not for profit, and transparent - it's built using Ethereum smart contracts and IPFS, the decentralised file system for Web 3.0.

It's geeky and cool as it can be 😎🤓

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The Creative Crypto Magazine
Radi is a new platform built on the Ethereum blockchain that allows you to create and send NFT e-cards and messages. You can even send cards made by other artists and designers to addresses of your choice, some free and some at cost. Cards sold are also linked with charities/causes of your choice and guarantee transparent donations.
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