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As UX designers, we sometimes just need quick copy for mock ups. So we created a tool to help generate some microcopy that you may use quickly, or even spark some ideas for your project.
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  • Really Good Emails (RGE for short) aims to be the best showcase of email design and resources on the web. This 3,300+ handpicked collection is powered by community submissions and our own obsessive drive to find the best email examples out there.

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  • Great Email Copy

    A dose of emails from around the web.
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  • Words can engage, elevate or infuriate people depending on how they are used. There are several websites like Pttrns.com that curate the good examples of interfaces and act as source of inspirations. But not many options for copywriters.

    The goal of this site is to serve as a source of inspiration for copywriters/UX writers.

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    You made our list of the most exciting product of Product Hunt this fall http://bionic-app.com/2018/01/26/best-of-product-hunt-fall-2018/


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  • ScriptDoll

    Writing sales copy doesn’t have to be hard (anymore). ScriptDoll helps you write small campaigns (5-10 emails) to Monster Endeavors (30-60 emails) that you can use to sell your product over the span of months/years. All at the touch of a few buttons.
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