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5 alternative and related products to Space AI

Space AI

Control a spaceship by writing JavaScript code

Eve of Impact

Missile Command meets Asteroids iOS game 🌍☄️

Eve of Impact is a mix of Missile Command and Asteroids placed in a cinematic game environment. It's a tiny game that has been celebrated as a "hidden gem" in the AppStore.

More than 6 years old it has collected 350K downloads, and netted around $25K. With 641 ratings it scores a 4,3 out of 5 stars.

To celebrate PH launch, it's now FREE forever!

eve-of-impact - ☄️ Eve of Impact iOS game source code
Eve of Impact doomsday sales
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Universal Paperclips

Make paperclips not war

Universal Paperclips is an incremental 'clicker' game where you play an AI who makes paperclips.

Universal Paperclips is an incremental game that starts out in a humble factory and ends somewhere after the fall of humanity. Like most titles in the category - which folks also call "idle" or "clicker games" - it's all about the numbers as you buy wire, churn out paper clips, and amass enough wealth for what's essentially a hostile takeover of the entire p… See more
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Shoot for the stars in this gravity-based physics puzzler!

Metric is a gravity-based physics puzzler. The objective is to get from your starting point to the goal in each level, but this is not as easy as it sounds. Space pirates have kidnapped the Princess, and damaged your engines!

Luckily, you can still make gravity sources to push and pull your spaceship around. Just don't run into any asteroids!

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