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18 alternative and related products to Snip and Share

Snip and Share

Snip and share content from any website

18 Alternatives to Snip and Share

Awesome link sharing/commenting with friends.

Just S
Just S- Owner, Simple Lotus
Always ready and so easy to use and share!
Jake Wayne
Jake Wayne- Co-Founder of Companion
Probably the most underrated tool. I am constantly Point-ing articles to friends as I browse online. I have yet to find something I like more. Unfortunately I just got an email from the founders saying they ran out of capital. However the chrome extension and iOS app is still up and running. Still recommend the download!
Simon Bromberg
Simon Bromberg-
Minimal onboarding
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Send badass screenshots to Slack, Trello, Github and more

Gary Gaspar
Gary Gaspar- CEO --
To convert my screenshots into Slack messages and Trello cards
Emile-Victor Portenart
Emile-Victor Portenart- Co-Founder, Designer at
Marker is so easy and fast to use, I use it everyday for my collaboration with teammates and sending bugs to the developers!
Gary Gaspar
Gary Gaspar- CEO --
Capture screenshots and convert into a bug report or visual feedback in Slack
3 Alternatives to Marker 2.0

Clip text, images, and entire articles from the web

Ashok Ramamoorthy
Ashok Ramamoorthy- Product Manager, Zoho Corporation Pvt Lt
An all in one tool which provides a reader view to strip down the ads while reading artciles. Jot down quick notes, and annotate your images before you add them.
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4 Alternatives to Notebook Web Clipper

Curated lists you can share with friends. is a small tool to gather links together and share them. The idea is is to start small and build on something depending on how users use it. :) the tool came out of a need to cluster links from multiple sources in one place. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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