Alternative products to Snapchat Backpack

15 alternative and related products to Snapchat Backpack

Snapchat Backpack
Snapchat's official ghost-shaped backpack

Snapchat's official backpack. Wear a ghost on your back.

15 Alternatives to Snapchat Backpack

3-in-1 backpack with 32 features

The ADV3NTURE Backpack is high-quality, multi-functional backpack with over 32 features and innovations, like TWO built-in coolers, security pockets for your valuables, our Drop & Go feature, and A LOT more!

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ADV3NTURE Backpack - The ADV3NTURE Backpack is a well-designed accessory for commuters and outdoor enthusiasts alike that will offer them a way to keep all their essent...
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The best bag in the world for students

A complete reinvention of the school bag designed for students, by students, with horizontal openings designed specifically for binders (and to be opened under your arm!), removable pouches for pens and personal items, and a waterproof lining to protect your electronics.

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Standing in the Tuff warehouse in San Diego, Jonathan Damico '18 and Cameron Schiller '18 looked at the first prototype of the backpack that had once been just an idea they had dreamed of. As they stared at the backpack they had seen drawn hundreds of times, the white "Mk 1" writing stitched into the top stood out.
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World's smartest bag made of carbon fiber

✅Charge your gadgets & mobile phone wirelessly

✅Remind you, if you left something behind

✅Light up inside when it's dark

✅Notify you if someone tries to open or take your bag

✅Show you its location if you misplace it

✅Provide you with internet connection worldwide

✅Enhance your modern high-class style

✅And yes, carry your stuff, obviously :)

10 Alternatives to Lumzag

Modern customizable backpacks that support refugee education

Contemporary look, clean finish, and compact design, the Joggo Purpose is your everyday backpack offering style and functionality. Each bag is fitted with a reversible flap for a changeable look. All Joggo bags are ethically manufactured and proceeds from the purchase go towards refugee education through a partnership with CARE Canada

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In the midst of the European migrant crisis, a lot of attention has been paid to how Western countries as a whole have responded to the largest migration flow in the continent since World War II.
13 Alternatives to JOGGO Purpose Backpack

Google and Yves Saint Laurent launch an $877 backpack

Google’s Project Jacquard the company’s touch-sensitive fabric technology is making a surprise return today with the announcement of a second product using the tech: the Cit-E smart backpack, built in collaboration with luxury fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent

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The new backpack is also the first time we've seen the new Jacquard tag, which contains the brain of the gesture-based interactions, and pairs with your phone. Unlike the Levi's jacket that came before it, the smart tag on this product is co-branded with Saint Laurent's logo and clips into the front of the bag as if it were a normal backpack.
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Google's Project Jacquard - the company's touch-sensitive fabric technology - is making a surprise return today with the announcement of a second product using the tech: the Cit-E smart backpack, built in collaboration with luxury fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent, that features a touch-sensitive shoulder strap for controlling a connected smartphone.
9 Alternatives to Cit-E Smart Backpack

We made the most durable, modular backpack we could, and we gave it a not-grey personality. Built from the toughest fabrics and the cleanest hardware, and after a year of testing, manhandling and countless adjustments to design the first production ready backpack.

We now have what we’d call “the last backpack we would ever buy”.

Meet. Liger01

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Now, to design the sturdiest, most long lasting backpack ever made, the questions you ask will change. We want our backpacks designed like motorcycles. If you are lucky, your children will ride it once they grow up. Until then you will. They start out good. You carry your stuff in them, the backpack works.
Chronicles of why we started a company. Partly for documenting it and partly because we get asked a lot. The origins of how the discussion began is still suspect. It began with frustration over finding the right backpack for our work/life that did not cost an arm and a leg.
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