Alternative products to Slayer Espresso Machines

8 alternative and related products to Slayer Espresso Machines

Slayer Espresso Machines

Beautiful American crafted espresso machines

8 Alternatives to Slayer Espresso Machines

A coffee machine that turns selfies & photos into latte art

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Your barista's latte art is about to go next level. And even more pretentious. Because there's a new gadget on the market, called the Ripple Maker, which can print anything you fancy in foam - including your own face. | The Voice of 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing
If you're like me, you might find yourself up late at night setting up a project to 3D print overnight, only to wake up to a mess of plastic spaghetti. Even when everything prints well, your reddened, bleary eyes may not recognize it and your sleep deprived brain may not be able able to process it.
Coffee fanatics, it's time to get even more excited. A new product is transforming your favorite drink into a much more personal experience. Literally. It all started when two friends -- both industrial designers -- were sitting in an Israeli coffee shop. They were staring into the cups of their [...]
7 Alternatives to Ripple Maker

Hand-press your own fresh espresso anywhere

Romain- CEO, Ubicolor
it feels really solid and does a decent espresso, as long as you can source hot water.
Pavel Evdokimov
Pavel Evdokimov- D2C, Back End Developer
Very fast, very tasty, very mobile.
6 Alternatives to Minipresso

Portable espresso machine

Handpresso Pump is a portable espresso machine. The 16-bar-pressure is built up by hand pumping. Both ESE coffee pods and ground coffee can be used.

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I Need Coffee
The 21st century has arrived, and now you can take espresso to work, camping, travel, or anywhere on the go. These hand-powered portable espresso makers promise a very small footprint without the need for electricity or cartridges, all at a very reasonable price. Just add hot water and some finely ground coffee, and you are ...
7 Alternatives to Handpresso Pump
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