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  • Care by Volvo

    Care by Volvo is a car subscription service that makes having a car as transparent, easy, and hassle free as having a phone.

    A simple monthly subscription that includes everything (car, maintenance, insurance, taxes), a new car every 2 years, and services to make your life easier (like fueling & washing your car while it sits in the lot at work)

  • Skurt 2.0

    Cars by the day, delivered on-demand. Now on iOS & Android.
  • SPIN

    1 review

    At SPIN, we believe car shopping should be awesome.

    SPIN is the most simple, informative, and beautiful car shopping app. SPIN showcases the cars for what they are, beautiful amazing feats of engineering. SPIN presents data clearly. Makes comparisons, recommendations, and discovery effortless.

    SPIN is the digital coffee book of car information

    I just wish this app was around when I was in the market for a new car. I spent a LOT of time on various sites that looked nowhere as refin…

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  • Vinty

    Vinty is the premier marketplace for Classic Car rentals

  • Fleet X

    Fleet X is a car rental management software. Manage rentals, reservations, services and customers.

    Fleet X has a "Smart Reorganiser" feature which resolves reservation conflicts automatically.

    Feel free to comment your feedback or question. 🌟

  • Virtuo

    11 reviews

    hassle-free truly mobile car rental company

    Exploring and escaping the city will never be the same again. Virtuo has revolutionised the world of car rental with a 100% mobile service

  • Cluno

    Cluno is a new car subscription service based in Germany, it's fixed price includes pretty much everything except for the Gas