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SigFig alternatives and competitors

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Top alternatives for SigFig

  • Tickr

    1 review
    Grow your money whilst doing good*. tickr makes it easy to invest in global companies solving the world's big social and environmental problems. Start with as little as £5. Available in 🇬🇧 now, coming to 🇪🇺 soon.
    *Capital at risk
  • Swell’s Impact 400

    Impactful public companies that consistently derive revenue from activities aligned with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

    This portfolio is best for those looking for a single investment option to broadly apply their dollars to many sectors, many firms, and many impact themes in one carefully-curated portfolio.

  • Stick

    1 review
    The Stick platform contains all the most important and complex data about companies from thousands of sources. Stick's transaction protocol is the most flexible, secure tool for investors who are interested in private markets. No surprise fees.
  • Astra for iOS

    8 reviews

    Astra helps you achieve your personal savings goals — automatically. Simply connect your bank accounts, create savings goals, and manage the movement of your money with programmable “actions” all in one place.

    Astra makes it so easy for me to to move my money to the right place, automatically. And I always know where I'm at with all my accounts in …

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  • Global Predictions Portal

    1 review
    Global Predictions lets you monitor all your investments, across multiple accounts, and get automated recommendations & run simulations for better risk management and returns via the world’s largest macroeconomic models.
  • Achee

    Free options
    As an investor, I always have a problem knowing exactly how my stocks, cryptos and other assets are performing as a whole.
    We built achee for investors to help track their cryptocurrencies, stocks, fixed income assets and cash seamlessly.
  • Stokki

    Stokki is the easiest app for keeping track of your investments in the companies you love.
    Get a clear overview of all your portfolios, and convert your gains into your currency.
    A powerful watchlist helps you act at the right time, by setting a target price.
  • Kualto

    Organize and manage your expenses by forecasting your cash flow.

    See what will be due and what your balance will be on any given future week. This way you'll know how much you can afford, and how much you can save.

    This is a big-picture approach to budgeting. As long as your future balance isn't going negative, you are good to go!

  • Blocks

    Many investors struggle to stick to an investment process. Set up your own process (or use the default checklist) with Blocks. Research companies. See past performance or earnings forecasts from analysts - and measure the findings against your checklist.
  • SCO.re

    Free options
    SCO.re helps users to manage their portfolio and choose the best companies to invest in. It generates a score for each company, based on the user's list of criteria, allowing them to invest wisely and make better decisions.