Alternative products to Should I Raise Venture Capital For My Startup?

8 alternative and related products to Should I Raise Venture Capital For My Startup?

Should I Raise Venture Capital For My Startup?

A quiz to help you decide if your company should raise VC

Raising VC for your business can have both positive and negative consequences depending on how and when you do it. Resource accumulation, risk dilution, and a profitable exit are the key matters to keep in mind. Take this quiz to find out if the time is right for your company to raise VC.

8 Alternatives to Should I Raise Venture Capital For My Startup?

Simple term sheet for early-stage venture capital financings

If a term sheet is longer than 2-3 pages, chances are that 90% of the provisions are aimed at situations which almost never occur. This no-nonsense templates aims to make the life of founders, VCs, and maybe even their lawyers a little easier.

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Over the course of the last 10-15 years, Europe's VC ecosystem has grown up tremendously. Ten years ago you could still count the number of high-quality European VCs on one (or maybe two) hands. London was the only city with a decent funding ecosystem, while most other places were dominated by lousy investors.
11 Alternatives to Two-page Term Sheet

Michael Deng
Michael Deng- Software Developer
This is a very useful book for learning about venture capital as an aspiring entrepreneur!
Saul Fleischman
Saul Fleischman- RiteKit Founder & CEO
I've read it twice, it's the bible. Better yet, take the free VD course. < this is in progress, but they repeat it.
2 Alternatives to Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and VC

Venture360's beta Startup Fundraising Tool is an all-in-one DIY solution that gives your startup everything it needs to go from 'launch to exit' and everything in between.

Open Up Deal Rooms, Invite Investors, Close Capital, Setup Cap Tables, Report Metrics & Establish SPVs (special purpose vehicles) all in one, simple place.


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Uploaded by Venture360 on 2017-03-07.
Every day, there are multiple exciting product launches-from productivity apps and health trackers, to developer tools and sales automation platforms. We're constantly inspired by those who create new products and introduce them to the world on Product Hunt. Here's a sneak peak at 20 upcoming products from makers who are using Ship to launch what they've rec… See more
13 Alternatives to Venture360's Startup Fundraising Tool

Issuance platform and exchange for tokenized securities

Built on blockchain technology, we’re making it easier, less costly, and more secure to raise capital and issue regulatory compliant tokenized securities.

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Vancouver-based Finhaven has officially launched its equity and debt issuance platform on the heels of $1.3 million in seed funding from Korean venture capital and private equity firm Medici Investments. The company says it relies on its proprietary coding and smart contracts to ensure that the creation, sale, and future resale of these security tokens will … See more
At Finhaven, we're committed to helping build the open source ecosystems and interoperability of Ethereum and other blockchains. We've been making small pull requests and suggestions to various components we use, but recently we prepared a full Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP).
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