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Send shit to someone anonymously with Bitcoins
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  • Mail a Meme was established to fill a gaping hole in the market. It was set up with the dream of every man, woman and child being able to receive something funny in the mail. Mail a Meme allows meme enthusiasts from around the world to share and enjoy their memes in the mail.

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    Loved sending a meme in the mail, my friend found it very very funny.

  • Brick or Potato

    Anonymously send someone a brick or a potato.
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  • Mango Message

    Give us a message, and we'll give them a mango. Send a custom message, handwritten on a mango to ANYONE. Tell us what to write and where to send it, and the customized mango will be on its way. Use code PHUNT for a Product Hunt only discount!
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    im shocked this even made it on here

  • The Awful Box

    The perfect statement purchase for that luxury-obsessed consumerist in your life. So, what’s in the box? Assembled by our team of expert artisans, the box consists of seven, unique novelty items that we can 100% guarantee you’ll only find in the Awful Box.

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  • Post A Note

    Type a message, and we will mail it. Seriously! We will print it on thick laminated cardstock and ship it in 3-5 business days.
    - Takes 30 seconds.
    - Costs $2.00 USD
    - No sign-up. No ads. No email required!
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  • Fruitey

    Send a Fruitey to anyone from your best friend to your grandma. Makes every occasion special

    PRODUCTHUNT15 <---- Use Code Get 15 % OFF first order!

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