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5 alternative and related products to Shift

Switch between Gmail accounts like a boss.

Shift makes it fast, easy and beautiful to navigate between multiple Gmail, Calendar, and Drive accounts. It's time to put an end to the multiple browser, tab, incognito, logging-in-logging-out nightmare, and de-clutter your desktop workspace.

5 Alternatives to Shift

The only true email client for Gmail on Mac

Chuck Burt
Chuck Burt- Product and Growth Advisor
Great native Gmail client that bridges the gaps left by webmail.
Michael Folling
Michael Folling- Founder/CEO
It has the familiarity of gmail yet I can quickly switch between multiple accounts easily. No more opening up an incognito window to log into another gmail account.
Kim San Sy
Kim San Sy
Great for both mac and windows.. though still not totally popular, this app is really amazing with g-suite. Kiwi makes all g-apps available like standalone desktop apps. you can put any item in a separate window, for instance. Multiple accounts are online at the same time. Send larger attachments. No need for browsers to access g-suite anymore. Among all oth… See more
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14 Alternatives to Kiwi for Gmail

Quickly switch between accounts and browsers on Windows

Decide what account or browser to use when opening the link.
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It's very convenient to separate your areas of activity using accounts in Chrome. You don't lose your bookmarks, you don't have to log out anywhere, necessary extensions are already installed. You can read more how to organize your Chrome space better. But if you are a Power User and constantly switch between profiles, there is one problem.
4 Alternatives to Account Surfer

The best way to use [all your] Gmail [accounts] on your mac

Trista Kempa
Trista Kempa- Ops + CX
It's basically just but as a standalone app.
Andrew Crookston
Andrew Crookston- Developer and Entrepenur
I've tried several of the others mentioned above (like Nylas and Spark) but I keep coming back to Mailplane because it's so easy to use. It's essentially a wrapper around the google interface + some goodies like unread counts in dock / menu bar + native bindings. There's another similar app out there called Kiwi for Gmail, does about the same, I don't know w… See more
8 Alternatives to Mailplane
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