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Switch between Gmail accounts like a boss.

Shift makes it fast, easy and beautiful to navigate between multiple Gmail, Calendar, and Drive accounts. It's time to put an end to the multiple browser, tab, incognito, logging-in-logging-out nightmare, and de-clutter your desktop workspace.

3 alternative and related products to Shift

Kiwi for Gmail

The only true email client for Gmail on Mac

Andrew Crookston- Developer and Entrepenur
I prefer Mailplane which I also posted but this is a good alternative / similar to Mailplane.
Chuck Burt- Vice President of Product, SellerCrowd
Great native Gmail client that bridges the gaps left by webmail.
Should work for Google Docs, Sheets and Slides from what I've heard!
10 Alternatives to Kiwi for Gmail


The best way to use [all your] Gmail [accounts] on your mac

Trista Kempa- Ops + CX
It's basically just but as a standalone app.
Andrew Crookston- Developer and Entrepenur
I've tried several of the others mentioned above (like Nylas and Spark) but I keep coming back to Mailplane because it's so easy to use. It's essentially a wrapper around the google interface + some goodies like unread counts in dock / menu bar + native bindings. There's another similar app out there called Kiwi for Gmail, does about the same, I don't know w… See more
3 Alternatives to Mailplane

Any tool to search multiple Gmail accounts?

Sandro JazzarCo-Founder, Shababeek
Front - Collaborate on Customer Support, Hiring, Sales, and more.
"This can help you to search across multiple inboxes/accounts. Works well for the team as well."
Notion - Artificial intelligence-powered email.
"This will help you get the job done. I've been using it for quite sometime now, it tracks conversations in a real simple way so you don't h… See more
Shift - Switch between Gmail accounts like a boss.
"Not sure if this is what you're looking for but it's a great way to manage multiple Gmail accounts"

What apps allow you to switch between Gmail accounts on the web?

Allan CaegFounder,
Shift - Switch between Gmail accounts like a boss.
"Shift lets you switch from your gmail, calendar, and drive pretty seamlessly"

Is there an easy way to switch between G-Drive accounts?

Alan KhanukaevStrategic Planner
Shift - Switch between Gmail accounts like a boss.
"Shift is just amazing. Handles multiple gmails/drive/calendar beautifully!"

What's the best email app for Mac OS?

Andrew GaleFounder
Spark for Mac - Beautiful and intelligent email app
"Spark has been great for me on iOS. I'll be honest, I use Airmail on desktop but on mobile Spark's performance and simplicity has kept me a… See more
Airmail 3 - A simple, beautiful email client for Mac and iOS
"I use Airmail to manage a variety of emails and it's spot on, especially for the power user. If you don't need exchange support, Polymail i… See more
Polymail - A simple, beautiful, and powerful email client for Mac
"Been using Polymail. Beautiful UI, great features with the same lightweight, seamless interface that you should expect from a native email … See more
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