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sharetxt is a minimalist app that lets you collaborate docs in real time. It's google docs without the username/password. Simply click 'start', share the link and type away.
Anything helps!

Top alternatives for sharetxt

PointCard™ Neon
Made to spend.
  • Magic Copy

    1 review

    Magic Copy allows you to copy text and links from your phone and paste it on your computer and vice versa! It’s a universal clipboard manager that works like magic. Plus, it’s 100% free!

    Supported platforms:

    🌠 Windows

    🍏 iOS

    🍎 Mac OSX

    🤖 Android

    I can see me using this quite often from now on. Genius product built Dinuka!

  • Sendhub

    A super neat to use for file transferring and downloading. It helps you to download anything from computer to your iPhone. Not only works in the LAN but also works with web browser. It can download anything such as movies, audios, photos and any other files.
  • Simple.Savr

    Share text and files with anyone on the same WiFi network
  • Paste.Work

    2 reviews
    Paste.Work saves your time in a workshop or a seminar or if you are working on someone else's computer and want to copy and paste something from that device to your device or want to share a link to everyone in seminar Paste.Work allows you to do it easily.

    Some more features like extending time and all can be implemented

  • PhotoCopyThis

    PhotoCopyThis is a simple tool to help you copy text from an image.
    - Using a photo from your albums, or taking a photo to copy the text
    - Automatic language detection, supporting 60 languages
    - Integrate with Siri shortcuts to help you quickly launch the app
  • cntrlc.me

    Quickly share text & links between devices - no app required