Alternative products to Shared Albums by Google Photos

8 alternative and related products to Shared Albums by Google Photos

Shared Albums by Google Photos

Share photos & videos between friends and family

8 Alternatives to Shared Albums by Google Photos

Preserve your family's moments digitally

KODAK Digitizing Box is a mail-in digitization service for tapes, film, photos, and audio recordings. You pay $60 for a 3 piece box, stuff it with your analog stuff and ship it back to KODAK. After it is processed, you get the result on a USB stick, DVD, or via cloud.

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Kodak has announced a new service called the Kodak Digitizing Box. It's designed to help people digitize large collections of old family memories with minimal hassle. "The KODAK Digitizing Box brings a modern version of Kodak's yellow envelope back to customer door steps and aims to make the daunting task of digitizing aging media easy," Kodak says.
8 Alternatives to Kodak Digitizing Box

Digital boards for organizing and sharing photos

Capsure helps you organize and backup your photos and videos to share privately with family and friends.

● Create digital boards to share with family and friends

● Capture family history by inviting your relatives to contribute

● Post everyday moments to stay connected

● Boards can be for events, places, people or hobbies

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You probably already noticed that Gen-Z aren't too crazy about Facebook. Something about running into their parents and teachers online has them flocking to other platforms. According to a report by Pew Research, an increasing adult presence on the platform and an over-sharing of "drama" are major turnoffs for teens.
With a 2016 revenue of $1.7 billion, companies like Lyft emulating their business model, and about 40 million monthly riders, Uber is one of the most revolutionary unicorns of our time. Its name has even become a staple for startup elevator pitches, denoting its role in the sharing economy: We call our companies the "Uber of" our respective industries.
Social media is the perfect vehicle for sharing the "now." With a few clicks, we can capture a moment, wrap it up in a package with text and images, and receive our friends' instant reactions. This can be quite a rush - the more people experiencing an emotion along with us, the more powerful it feels.
Your IQ only counts for about one fifth of your success in life. And yet schools still obsess over their students' GPA and pitch them against one another in standardized tests around the country. But while your IQ may play a part in your success; if your emotional intelligence is lacking, it may be hard to foster successful relationships, both in our private… See more
Social media is changing. After repeated scandals around the impact of things like fake news, cybersecurity, and even technology addiction, major social platforms are making changes to the way they sort and display content. And that has impacts for business owners large and small.
8 Alternatives to Capsure

Personal photos from your Google Photos in your browser tabs

See personalized, photos from Google Photos in your new browser tabs, getting your best memories in front of you throughout the day. You can choose which albums you want to see, and it also comes with a "presentation mode" to show generic photos for when you're working in public.

Cory Zue
Cory Zue- Indie hacker and maker, Dimagi
If you use Google Photos this is a great Chrome Extension. Like many others, it replaces your new tab page with something more interesting. But unlike others, it uses your own photos! You can completely control what shows up. It's like having a rotating picture frame in your browser.
Cory Zue
Cory Zue- Indie hacker and maker, Dimagi
Your photos are languishing in the cloud and they don't have to be! This extension will show you random Google Photos from your account in your new tabs, so you can finally get those pictures back in front of you where they belong.
Cory Zue
Cory Zue- Indie hacker and maker, Dimagi
If you use Google Photos this is a great one - it's like the other photo-based options except it uses your own photos! You can completely control what shows up. It's like having a rotating picture frame in your browser.
10 Alternatives to Photos New Tab
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