Alternative products to Shaken Cocktails

15 alternative and related products to Shaken Cocktails

Shaken Cocktails
A monthly pack of cocktail ingredients, delivered.
15 Alternatives to Shaken Cocktails

Flavored sparkling water subscription

Ugly Drinks is a flavored sparkling water subscription service (peach, cherry, and lemon lime) that is coming for your La Croix with a POP Art / Street Graffiti style... Will a sharp brand and simple product be enough to change the hearts and minds of tech co's refrigerators?

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The Hustle
sign up today to receive our daily news briefs featuring a handful of the most important stories in business, tech, and life Fizzy-water sensation, LaCroix, has long reigned supreme as the ultimate bubble beverage in the United states.
The Strategist
Photo: Courtesy of the retailers. Product obsessives as we are at Strat, our editors are constantly hearing about new and notable things, and while we haven't bought or tried them all, we'd like to.
Soda is out. Flavored seltzer is in. Everyone knows this, but up until now, there's been a single brand that's synonymous with the hipster carbonated revolution: LaCroix. Now there's a new, social-media savvy kid on the block, straight from the streets of London. It's Ugly Drinks, and it's coming for your refrigerator.
In the wake of Nike's stand for racial equality, businesses worldwide are waking up to the potential of social action on both people and profit. As new generations demand purpose from the organizations they engage with, radical action is increasingly becoming the norm.
9 Alternatives to Ugly Drinks

A curated subscription experience for spirits fans

Serious spirits fan? Taster’s Club is a curated subscription experience just for you. Whether you love whiskey, scotch, bourbon, rum, tequila, vodka, gin or bubbly, they have you covered with all the best bottles delivered monthly to your door. Each shipment also comes with expert-level tasting, history and distillery notes.

6 Alternatives to Taster's Club

Keurig for cocktails

Keurig has reinvented your countertop once again with the Drinkworks drinkmaker. Discover a remarkable night in with friends and family, while enjoying the limitless possibilities of single-serve craft cocktails, beer and wine, all at the touch of a button.

4 Alternatives to Drinkworks

Combine your favourite ingredients into delicious cocktails

Imagine you have some liqueur, ice and mint on your kitchen. What kind of cocktails you can mix using all these? Or if you prefer drinks that should contain natural fruit juices. But how to search all these? Now it is simple as never before. Just use our brand new app «DISCOVER DRINKS». Combine different ingredients and discover new drinks.

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4 Alternatives to Discover Drinks
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